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Where did the time go?

As time goes on our lives change, until one day we look back and we realize something is different. We’re not sure when it happened but sure and true we find ourselves in a different mind set than we were ten years ago and then ten before that. Time changes us. Time is the single factor responsible for our aging, healing, and general wellness. Everyday we clamor for more and more time. Yet this elusive asset seems to never show up. Now ten years later we realize why we are not where we wanted to be. We realize why we are not the person we had thought to be.

We think and look back and ask ourselves what happened? Where did I go astray? The truth is we never did go astray. That elusive time, the put it off until tomorrow attitude has slowly killed our hopes and dreams. Now we find ourselves sitting in a place we never imagined wondering why?

It’s not too late to change though. The time that you always needed but never had is still there. It is just waiting for you to take it. Think back to the past week and how many moments you squandered. How long were you at the television, surfing the internet, or making excuses? It doesn’t matter. What matters now is that you recognize these escaped moments and act upon them. If you want to learn to paint you have the time, you just need to make it. Your initial reaction to making time may be oh, but you don’t understand I am so tired I have X Y and Z to do and there really isn’t time. To which I am telling you there is. You may not realize it but if you take a moment to step back from your life. Truly, step away and look at what is going on. Can any activity be postponed? Is there really the urgency in things you think there is or do you put unneeded pressure on yourself?

Time is always here and always working with and against you. You just need recognize the passing moments and grab them. Put time to your use. Taking fifteen minutes out of your day, every day to read or meditate, or exercise can make a world of difference. You simply have to want to implement change, and make time. Because, if you don’t you will find yourself once again standing and looking back say where did the time go?

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