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What motivates you?

Some people get their drive or motivation from other people. While others get their dedication and motivation from a higher calling. Some get it for a need to succeed, and still others get it only during a particular task. What motivates you the best and what is the best motivator?

*Motivation through fear*
Unfortunately, this is on the top of many people’s lists. They get motivated only when fear drives them. Not necessarily fear for their life but fear they may get failing grades or fear they are getting to fat. IS fear a good motivator? Yes, absolutely but it is not a sustainable motivator. Fear often adds an unnecessary amount of stress or worry on the individual.

*It’s destiny*
There is no higher calling than one’s destiny. At least this is what some people believe. Destiny driven motivation comes solely from one’s belief that they must endure, succeed, and do whatever it takes because it is destiny. Destiny, has a lot more staying power than fear but one can only be motivated by fate for so long. Destiny gives one a sense of purpose but if that destiny is never fulfilled it has an equally catastrophic effect.

*A Promise*
A promise is everything to some people. If one ever goes back on their promise it often means failure. The more serious the promise the more will to succeed, and the more painful the failure. Keeping one’s word or promise is a terrific motivator. Should the promise not be fulfilled then failure is less self destructive than failure from destiny or fear.

There is no greater power than love, love is enough. Love’s praise as a motivator has been sung through the ages. Heroes have been made from the motivations and drives of love. Some of the most creative artistic works were made because of love. Love truly is one of the greatest motivators. Even when it runs out the eventual grief that occurs provides just as much motivation. Love, can be a sustainable motivator but it al depends upon the type of love.

Greed for money is what makes this world go ’round. Why without greed many of the rags to riches stories would cease to exist. Greed is destructive by nature though. While greed is sustainable it just increases with every goal attained. Like a rolling snowball down a hill it gains more and more momentum; until the motivation becomes as dubious as the drive to get more.

*If I don’t who will*
This is perhaps the most sustainable form of motivation. The drive or will comes from within. The motivation is pure will. As long as one keeps trying there is virtually no end to the motivation the self provides. However, this motivation puts tremendous pressure on the self and can often lead to nervous break downs.

What is the best motivation? Where is X as my motivation? This is just a sampling of possible things that drive people or give them their motivation. There is no motivation that does not eventually have a down side or negative context. The best motivation is any motivation or a combination of motivators. Even when the drive stops, another one can take its place. It is important to stay motivated and keep trying because as soon as one becomes apathetic; one becomes subject to their surroundings. As one once had control of themselves they now lose that and become a victim. Find a goal, find a drive, and answer what motivates you?

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