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What is reincarnation?

Reincarnation is a belief that has long been held my numerous religious systems. Reincarnation though is also handled differently by different religions.

In Hinduism a soul is born at low caste, or sometimes as an untouchable, these people are abhorred in the traditional Hindu religion. It is the goal of these people though to someday leave the karmic cycle and join the source. However in Hinduism a person can only be reincarnated as another human, and they continue to be reincarnated until their karmic debts are paid and their karma is balanced.

In Buddhism a soul will also go through numerous incarnations until they achieve enlightenment. Sometimes an enlightened being may return to help others. Unlike Hinduism there is not a clearly defined caste system. The Dalai Lama would be an example of a reincarnated Bodhisattva or Saint.

Reincarnation is also found in some Native American religious beliefs. The primary difference in the Native American cultures is reincarnation is not restricted to humans. One may be able to reincarnate as animal or kindred spirit.

Many are also surprised to hear though that the Torah gives mention and support to the idea of Reincarnation. The Torah being the Jewish book of law. It is called gilgul ha’ne’shamot translated as the recycling of souls. Hell was actually introduced in the new testament of the Bible. In the Jewish reincarnation system some believe one only gets three chances to purify them self before the being judged.

With so many major world religions holding belief in reincarnation it is no wonder it has become a more common idea. However what evidence is there to support the belief or Reincarnation. If you ask the Dalai Lama or his followers, then you have your proof there. If you are looking for something a little more concrete then you may consider using hypnosis as a way to find out.

M.D. Brian Weiss does just that. In his first book Many Lives, Many Masters Weiss successfully regresses a patient to recall her previous incarnations. By doing this he helps her to overcome her current fears and worries. As good a story as it is, it too can be explained . According to recent studies it would appear that people who believe in reincarnation actually suffer from certain types of memory errors.

There is one hope though that reincarnation may be more real than we think. A little Indian girl claims to remember dieing in the sky. She says that she was once Kalpana Chawla an astronaut. The girl was born two months after Kalpana died, and she recalls her “past” with fearful detail. Now wether this is true or not is left to speculation; but it does give one the wonder that perhaps there is more to life after death than it seems.

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