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Video: The holographic universe – Beyond matter

24 minutes
Video questions the basis for what humans view as “real”.


  1. a)The Jungian Theory of Syncronicity, is a clear demonstration that everything in this Universe is predeterminated.The Heisenberg’s Indetermination Principle comes from the human ignorance (we cannot see the reality in its totality)…so only an ignorant,can believe in Free Will.

    b)Matter is a complex form of energy; Energy is a complex form of Information; Information…is God’s Thought.

    The Universe is God…so we are parts of God.

    c) Every kind of “human desire”,is followed by a Chain of “Electron wave functions collapses” (in agreement with Schrödinger’s Theory) which will not follow ours expectations! …So the paradox is: if we want to get hold of something,we shouldn’t have to search for it. (Men stay still,and the mountains move…). A curiosity: The connection between the electron wave-function and the human intent has to do with the fact that experiments have proved that the intentions of the operator of a radio
    transmission facility, directly and instrumentably alter the “footprint”, the radiation pattern of the antenna. It has also been shown that the intent of the human being causes a divergence in the quantum field (which is the information field). Any divergence in the information field results in alterations of “probability”, which directly influences the outcome of any system which contains any element of chance, directly influencing the resulting observable events. (See the work of Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research at


    “In agreement with Henri Bergson’s thought (see the last pages of “Entre le temps et l‘éternité” of Ilya Prigogine ,Librairie Arthème Fayard,Paris), we can accept the idea of a “Space-time absolute value”, where all the “Space-time relativ values” are incorporated (in agreement with Einstein’s theory of relativity); the conclusion is that there is only one Real Matrix of the Universe…so every other possible /potential parallel “event/dimension/future” it’s only a human illusion.

    All the other parallel Universes (or Multi-Universes,as Phd. Everett said) can only exist in our minds…perhaps whilst dreaming.

    Unfortunately several physicists are conditioned by Heisenberg’s Principle of Indetermination…which, as you will know, is enough explain the existence of Free Will.

    Well, the Principle of Indetermination is hardly bound by the limits of
    observations made by the human brain.

    (We cannot see the reality in its totality…Bohm taught).

    If we accept the idea that our Universe really is God,well,in a infinite
    Chaos of Energy too, there must to be a logical (but not for human brain),exact,specific,and perfectly organized …Plan.

    How many significant (important) coincidences can happen to a person in his life,living in a unorganized and stupid Universe?…I think no-one. Every synchronism in our life, is like an open-eyes-dream (Jung
    taught)…and we can thank the fine intelligence of our Universe…if they happen.”

    Fausto Intilla
    (Inventor-scientific divulger)

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