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Use gemstones and crystals to improve yourself

Gemstones and crystals have been a staple in the new age community for some time now. What exactly can these crystals and semi precious stones do besides improve business for stone shops. According to new age practices each stone is prescribed a different meaning and purpose. As an example let’s look at rose quartz.

Rose Quartz
Rose quartz is a beautiful stone raw or polished. Depending upon the specimen of rose quartz it may be a light milky pink or a brilliant pinkish red. The stone itself is quite impressive as it has a hardness of 7. Which means it is strong enough to scratch glass. In the spiritual communities however this stone takes on a new life.

Rose Quartz isn’t commonly used in jewelry because of its cloudy appearance. If it is used in jewelry it is cut as a cabochon or mini sculpture. What is the use of rose quartz? Rose quartz is said to bring the bearer a feeling of contentment and make one more loving. It also has the ability to draw one’s soul mate closer. These two reasons alone are enough to make this love crazed romanticized world crave the stone.

judging by my tone one might assume that I do not believe in the healing benefits and spiritual gains of the stones. Quite the contrary I do, but not for the obvious reasons. Let’s look at some more stones and what they signify.

Onyx, Obsidian, Apache’s Tear
These dark black and smokey stones are good for absorbing negativity energy. I used to carry some obsidian in my pocket. Every time I got upset I would reach in my pocket and let the stone absorb my frustrations.

Green Aventurine, Jade
These two green stones are known for bringing about prosperity. One may wear these on a bracelet or even carry them in their wallet. Every time you see the stone think of prosperity.

Amethyst is good for the higher spiritual self. It has the ability to put one in contact with spiritual forces. Amethyst can also promote spiritual growth and healing. If one has their head in the clouds, one should avoid this stone.

Red Jaspar, Petrified Wood, Carnelian
These reddish stones are good for grounding. If one finds themselves day dreaming then carrying these stones will help refocus your attention. These stones are also important at grounding if one is emotionally upset.

Amber is another great stone for promoting spiritual growth. It is also good for developing leadership skills as well as balancing oneself.

Quartz Crystals
A properly tuned crystal can serve most any purpose. Crystals serve as the vessel for spiritual forces and allow one to focus their energies. To tell if a crystal has been tuned hold it up to your ear and listen for it to “sing”.

Silver is a cleansing metal; and is often used with jewelry because of its ability to absorb the essence of the stone set in it. This amplifies the stone’s power.

Gold is another metal that amplifies and absorbs a gem stone’s powers. The difference between Gold and Silver is that Gold is more sensitive.

I could continue with every gem stone imaginable. This is enough to give one a sense of what semi precious stones and metals are capable of. The truth is these stones do not have spiritual or magical benefits. The truth is that each and every stone only has the power you give it.

If we go back to the list under Onyx. We will see it is known for it’s ability to remove negative energy. This is because this is what I wanted it to do. I chose black because it absorbs light, imagine a black hole. It sucks everything in it. Carrying around these stones did help me get over some anger problems. This is only because I directed my mind to the stone. Every time I was upset I’d focus my energy to the stone.

The same principal is applied to all stones. If you have ever read a list of the meaning of stones and their spiritual purposes; you will almost never see diamonds, rubies, or emeralds on that list. This is because these stones are too expensive for the average person to buy. The part about gold and silver absorbing energy, the reason gold and silver are used in jewelry is because they won’t turn your skin green or tarnish like brass or copper. Stones and gemstones do have amazing powers but only if you believe in them and want them to. Gem Stones are as powerful as sigils and a lot less “creepy” to the uninformed person. Next time you read a list of the purpose and meaning of stones, think about why a green stone promotes wealth, or why a heavier stone may be used for grounding. You provide the healing power to the stones and crystals not the earth.

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