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Understanding the power of names

It has been a long held belief that words contain great power. In fact the Bible says that the universe, the world, everything we know was create by the word of God. So the power of names are indeed a wondrous and unique thing.

Take for example one’s own name. This is the name that one is given to identify one from other people. It is one’s own name. If I know one’s name I can hold some sway and power over them; especially if we have never met before. Consider for a moment that you are walking down a street in the city. As you walk you can here someone yelling your name in the distance. Chances are you will stop and look around to locate who is calling your name. You catch the person’s eye who has been calling you and they rush over.

A few things are happening here, by knowing your name, someone has gotten you to stop, turn around and they were even able to get an audience with you. This is power. Even animals that are given names will eventually turn to look at you when you call them. Typically talking to someone you don’t know when they know your name can be an awkward experience. One spends most of their time wondering how did they get my name, or where do I know them from.

Here we can see the use in names in an everyday plausible context. It is said that to know the name of something is to have power over it. This power can be held over anything in everything. For in the Bible God gave Adam the ability to name all that he saw. Let’s take this global use of names and apply it to our everyday world.

Look around you and you will see an endless number of things. You may see plants, books, furniture, motor vehicles, people, the list could go on and on. As you look at all that is around you realize that it all has a name. All things have been named so we can identify them. Even the plants have more specific names and knowledge. The power of common names provide us with the ability to communicate with each other. So if someone has a cut, they can say I need a bandage and antibacterial ointment. Someone else will know what they are speaking of and get the items for them. Now without names we would all still be grunting and flailing our arms about.

It’s a rather ridiculous thing to suppose that names don’t have power. The power of names can be expanded upon by use in the Occult. One such language was conceived of by John Dee in 1584, when he and Edward Kelley transcribed the angelic alphabet from the archangel Raphael. The angelic alphabet or Enochian alphabet was said to be the language that Adam once used to name all things. It is a language of power and not daily communication. The alphabet consists of 24 characters. The language was transcribed in 49 prayers or keys, composed in the Book of Loagaeth. By using the Enochian words and prayers one will have power over whatever is invoked. The idea that there is an angelic language of creation is a fascinating one. Wether the Enochian prayers work or not is another matter entirely.

Another mystical language are the old Germanic Runes or “Elder Futhark” which also contains 24 characters. The Germanic runes have traditionally been used as a form of divination. When one casts the Runes they are not foretelling the future, but merely getting a read out of a possibility. The Runes like the Enochian alphabet are a power language, in that they are not used as a spoken everyday tongue.

If it is your own name or the name of the object you are sitting in; names hold place and power over our everyday actions. You don’t need Angelic names or Runic words to have control over something, you just need its everyday name. Words have the power we give them, without us to decipher and use the names they have no power. The same is true of the mystical languages the only power they have is the power we give.

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