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Trust your instincts and follow your gut

It has been one week and a day since I met “Harry”: Not a day has passed since that I have not wondered what happened to him. As the week went on I remembered a few more things Harry had said to me. Perhaps one of the most important was this;

bq. The wind had picked up outside and the sun continued to shine down upon us. Harry looked about then back up at me. “Let’s go back to the pier” he said. “I’ve got a bad feeling. Would you mind wheeling me up to the ferry terminal?” I looked back at Harry and with a smile and nodded.

bq. “No, not at all.”

bq. “I just got bad vibes. You ever get those? You know that feeling where your spine tingles and you just want to get away?”

bq. “Yes on occasions. I know that.” I felt like telling him those feelings have helped save my life on a number of occasions. That they saved me from a few people who drove through red lights. Before I could even say any of that, Harry turned toward me as I wheeled him up the pier.

bq. “Always trust those feelings. They are always right.” Harry’s voice had changed to stern, serious tone. Something less jovial than before. “Always trust those instincts.” He just shook his head. I couldn’t tell if he was having a struggle with his memories from the war or from his recent tangle with a shark. I knew either way though if Harry told me to listen to those gut instincts then I damned well better. After all he was the only one to survive in his platoon.

Instincts, bad vibes, and gut reactions are often all treated differently by people. Some people attribute the sort of sixth sense as spiritual, while others see it as primal animal drive. What it is does not really matter. What does matter is honing those instincts. I wish I had some easy explanation or tutorial on how to follow “your gut” but I do not. I can say though with out a doubt that the more one starts to trust their first initial reaction of a situation, the more attuned one’s instincts become. Eventually one’s “gut” and sense get so honed as to predict danger, or luck as soon as or often before a tragedy happens. One thing that remains constant with following one’s gut is this. Don’t force a reaction, the initial judgment one gets is usually right. Sometimes those feelings are an overwhelming feeling of negativity while others are more passive. The key is to be alert and aware. So as Harry told me and I now pass onto you “Always trust those feelings.”

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