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The Universal White Brotherhood founded by Beinsa Douno

Beinsa Douno or Peter Deunov was the third child of a priest and he was raised as a Christian. When Peter was old enough he went to America to attend theology school. There he received a degree in theology and in 1895 he was offered a position as a preacher. Peter refused, instead he became a recluse and spent his time on his spiritual studies. It is around 1896 -1897 that his activities start to get muddled. Some reports say that he spent his time meeting with the Rosicrucians, and others say he spent his time alone. However both accounts come to the point at which he wrote his book “Science and Education”. It is in this book that he gave his thoughts and representations on the future events of human society. Finally in March of 1897 Peter and his followers form the society that is now known as the Universal White Brotherhood.

This is the first instance in which an actual historical figure can be connected to the White Brotherhood. Throughout the rest of his life Peter now Beinsa, wrote spiritual books and taught on an esoteric level. It was in 1929 that he opened an official school in Rila Mountain. Master Beinsa Douno’s school is still alive and well today, and most of his teachings can be found online. However there are other instances of a Universal White Brotherhood, In fact that are offshoots of the original started by Peter. Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov met Peter in 1917 and became his devout disciple. Mikhaël went on to become a college professor, but during the rise of communism in 1937 Peter sent Mikhaël to France to spread their teachings.

Mikhaël was persecuted greatly during this time but still he continued to spread the divine word. Mikhaël started his own branch of the Universal White Brotherhood. HE continued to give lessons but it was not until 1959 when Mikhaël met an Yogi while in India. The experiences and lessons Mikhaël learned while in India caused an internal transformation. At last Mikhaël had ascended to Peter’s level of spirituality.

Both Peter and Mikhaël fit the description of great spiritual aesthetics. However neither they nor the Universal White Brotherhood seem to be what is often referred to as the Great White Brotherhood. Another thing of interest however is this “collection of papers”:http://search.ebay.com/_W0QQsassZiyq2004 being sold on eBay. The contents of them reference Hindu and Yogi enlightenment methods but they bare the title of Universal White Brotherhood. If there is a connection I was unable to figure it out.


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