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The Temples of the Damanhurians

Every now and then mankind does something so spectacular and amazing that I can’t help but be awe inspired. From the “Coral Castles”:http://www.excommunicate.net/magnets-ancient-forgotten-powers, to the “Winchester Mystery House”:http://www.excommunicate.net/the-winchester-mystery-house , or even the “Ossuary at Sedlec”:http://excommunicate.net/church-of-human-bone , I always manage to stumble across something amazing and unique.


I am happy to add the Temples of the Damanhurians to that list. The construction of the temples started in 1978 behind a small shack situated in Valchiusella Valley, Italy. The founder of the temples Oberto Airaudi wanted to build something that had not been seen since the times of the Egyptians. He wanted a beautiful place of worship, prayer, and meditation that could be shared by the people and help the world.


The temples began as a painstaking hand dug tunnel; then eventually power hammers were used to help excavate. The temples consist of seven halls all modeled after different elements. Each hall utilizes metaphorical imagery as well as renditions of the tarot. The project that began without a permit has become a full blown community with its own currency. While construction of the primary temple has ceased due to regulations, the Damanhurians efforts continue with near by abandoned mine shafts. Their plans are to convert these mines into cathedrals and libraries.


You can learn more about the Damanhurians and their temples at their site “Damanhur”:http://www.damanhur.info/ as well as see more detailed pictures of the temples. To learn about some of their spiritual practices they offer a book called The Book of Synchronicity. The temples are open to the public for visitation or if you are really enthusiastic about the concept you can “apply to be a citizen”:http://www.damanhur.info/en/html/ArcMagazineDet.asp?IDArt=709


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