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The Singularity: terminator or techno-rapture

Imagine a world where humans are no longer flesh and bone. Imagine a world where you can backup a copy of your brain to an external hard drive. Life as we know it is changing. We are heading to a point where technology will either be our salvation or damnation.

Gordon Moore of intel once said that computer processors will double their speed and power every five years. They will also halve in size. Thus far his theory also known as Moore’s Law has held true. We are at a point in our evolution where our own self-realization has allowed our evolution to become cogniscent. Evolution itself is taking the reins of humanity, and we are exponentially increasing our advancement. Consider for a moment the power of the internet alone.

The other day I had found an unknown insect in my home. Worried that it may be hazardous to the home; I took a picture of it. Imported the picture to my computer and searched for it online. Within 5 minutes I had found the insect, identified its latin name and learned if it is a threat to my home. The insect was a “Firebrat”:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firebrat . Within five minutes I learned all about this creature and what it was, where it is native too and even found some people sharing stories. Twenty years ago to learn this much in such a short time would have been near impossible.

If technology continues to increase at its current rate we will eventually come to a point of no return. The development of Artificial Intelligence could mean great aid or hinderance to society. Consider for a moment an AI capable of repairing it’s “bugs”. The first thing it may do is find its bugs fix them and make improvements. Basic things any computer genius would do, utilize ram and processor power better. What happens when it decides it wants to upgrade? It could then act like a computer virus and jump from computer to computer. Eventually it will have consumed all the hardware it can. The next logical step for this self-realized intelligence may be to find a way to infect the wetware of humans. Forgive the star trek reference but you would literally end up with the borg.

Then we could consider any other sci-fi alternative, from the terminator, to the matrix. Man versus machine, it seems almost inevitable before our dreams become reality. When cogniscent AI is developed everything we know will change. We will enter an age where we as humans must compromise ourselves to compete with the machines. The advancement of technology is not all bad though, it can mean true physical immortality, as well as the birth of real “God” like powers. The rules will change we can either embrace the change or fight it.

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