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The Ritual Journal as a practical life tool

The ritual journal is an important item for anyone who practices magick, prayer, or ritual. Despite it’s name it can be developed and adapted to any context. At the very least the journal is a great way to keep track of life cycles. It is also a fantastic documentation of personal growth and history. This is of course when you use it as a personal form of documentation.

Format for the journal is set up like the below example.

*3.04.2008* Tuesday 10:00 PM

Phase of Moon: Waning

Weather Conditions: 20º F Cloudy

Emotions: Indifferent

Physical Condition: Good

Name of Rituals Performed: Relaxation Ritual, and Tarot Divining

Performance: Fair

Results: Fair- Good

This is a typical page setup for a ritual journal. You can be as detailed or minimal as you desire. In this instance I have decided to be minimal. Name of Ritual can change to daily activities. So as a personal journal it would be as follows.

*3.04.2008* Tuesday 10:00 PM

Phase of Moon: Waning

Weather Conditions: 38º F Sunny

Emotions: Enthusiastic and excited.

Physical Condition: Health is good condition. Did not exercise today.

Daily Activities: Started the morning with a breakfast of toast, eggs, and sausage. Read The Invisible Man by HG Wells for 30 minutes. Then I cleaned my home. Went grocery shopping later on. Worked on client projects and prepared blog entry. Listened to classical music while working. Went out to dinner with friends.

Performance: Started the morning on a slightly apathetic stint, but it changed to positive upbeat and motivating.

Results: Satisfying day of activities, overall it was a great day.

By recording our daily activities we can start to see, what may make us happy sad etc. We can monitor our habits and behaviors better. All we need to do is take 30 minutes a day for writing it down. I have been doing this for some time and have learned to find my own ups and downs as well as motivators. When was I sick and why. The journal helps greatly in putting life into perspective.

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