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The Ouija board is powered by you

The Ouija board many of us know now has acquired great acclaim over time. In fact the name Ouija itself is trademarked by Parker Brothers. How did the Ouija Board come to be though? Like most of our modern day psychics and mediums the Ouija is the evolution of Spiritualism that began in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

The Ouija board began as a small heart shaped wooden board with a place to put a pencil in. It is said that as soon as the medium touched the board the spirit would begin speaking. This device was called a planchette, and it was activated by a form of automatic writing. The later adaptation of this was the Ouija board created by the Fuld brothers. This board game swept the nation with its mystique and appeal. Eventually it got to the point where the Fulds could no longer keep up with production and as such sold the rights to Parker Brothers. Curiously enough Parker Brothers was founded in the famed witch capital of America Salem, Massachusetts. Now was there a connection as to why parker brothers wanted the Ouija or was it solely profit related; only they know.

However regardless of origin the function of today’s Ouija and planchette remain the same.
They operate on a form of subconscious automatic writing. It could be surmised that this same automatic writing was utilized by the author Donald Neale Walsch in his books Conversations with God.
This automatic writing can be done today except without aid of any divination tools. All you need is a pad of paper and a pen.

Automatic writing can be one of the most useful directed tools to truly understand what you want or need. This method is concise and to the point and avoids the delay or yes no nature of pendulum magic . To begin we must first isolate ourselves and make sure we are free of distraction. No mobile phones, instant messaging, or any other sort of distraction. Sometimes this exercise can be amplified with a brief 15 minute meditation prior to beginning.

hold pen in hand
To start hold your pen and just begin writing the first thing that comes to your mind. After writing about a paragraph or so stop writing.

ask yourself a question
Now that our mind is in the proper automatic writing mode, ask yourself a question. Don’t expect an answer to appear in your head. Just start writing the answer.

ask another question
Continue this process of question and answer; and as you go on you will find that the answers literally write themselves.

The subconscious takes over and is able to effectively write what you need. There is no magic or trickery involved, just straight unfiltered answers from yourself. I have found this method of automatic writing to be a tremendous help. It has been exceptionally useful in realizing answers to difficult decisions. The Ouija board is no more mystical than the pen in your hand. These devices have gained such infamy by use of those who remain naive to their functioning. Don’t take my word for it though, I think Pen and Teller said it best in their show on debunking the Ouija board.


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