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The Notary Art of Solomon

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The Notory Art revealed by the Most High Creator to Solomon. In the Name of the Holy and undivided Trinity, beginneth this most Holy Art of Knowledge, revealed to Solomon, which the Most High Creator by his Holy Angels ministered to Solomon upon the Alter of the Temple; that thereby in short time he knew all Arts and Sciences, both Liberal and Mechanick, with all the Faculties and Properties thereof: He has suddenly infused into him, and also was filled with all wisdom, to utter the Sacred Mysteries of most Holy words.

Alpha and Omega! Oh Almighty God, the Beginning of all things, without Beginning, and without End: Graciously this day hear my Prayers; neither do thou render unto me according to my sins, nor after mine iniquities, O Lord my God, but according to thy mercy, which is greater then all things visible and invisible. Have mercy upon me, O Christ, the Wisdom of the Father, The Light of the Angels, The Glory of the Saints, The Hope, Refuge, and Support of Sinners, The Creator of all things, and Redeemer of all humane Frailties, who holdest the Heaven, Earth, and Sea, and all the whole World, in the palm of thy Hand: I humbly implore and beseech, that thou wilt mercifully with the Father, illustrate my Minde with the beams of thy holy Spirit, that I may be able to come and attain to the perfeion of this most holy Art; and that I may be able to gain the knowledge of every Science, Art, and Wisdom; and of every Faculty of Memory, Intelligences, Understanding, and Intelle, by the Vertue and Power of thy most holy Spirit, and in thy Name. And thou, O God my God, who in the Beginning hast created the Heaven and the Earth, and all things out of nothing; who reformest, and makest all things by thy own Spirit; compleat, fulfil, restore, and implant a sound understanding in me, that I may glorify thee and all thy Works, in all my Thoughts, Words, and Deeds. O God the Father, confirm and grant this my Prayer, and increase my Understanding and Memory, and strengthen the same, to know and receive the Science, Memory, Elo- quence, and Perseverance in all manner of Learning, who livest and reignest, World without end. Amen.

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