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The mystery school, religion, faith, and hope

Virtually every secret society or mystery school is shrouded. They are shrouded with elaborate stories. Most every mystery school owes its foundations to a group of Elder brothers or one secret messiah. Yet it seems only this group knows of these enlightened beings. Schools such, as the Rosicrucians, The Golden Dawn, The Theosophical Society, even main stream religion has its enlightened ones.

Most of these schools can weave a fantastic tale about how their founder was visited. The story goes on to say the founder was revealed mysterious occult knowledge. Most of these claims however can’t be disputed. Trying to argue against these would be much akin to arguing about if a tree falls in the woods in there is no one to hear it does it make a sound? The original archetype of disciple teacher and even god to prophet was started in religion. Not every story of enlightenment is acknowledged. Only those who can tell a good story and possess charisma are able to have their occult knowledge blossom.

If one has spent any amount of time in these mystery schools studying; then if one is not blinded by the hope and faith that everything is true; then and only then can the student or disciple start to see behind the curtain. It is that need for hope and faith that everyone feeds off of. Mystery schools and religions are not the only proprietors that require your faith and hope. Corporations, and products require, friends and family need it. Faith and hope are a necessity. One cannot be blamed for putting their hopes and dreams with religion or any mystery school. After all what they offer is far more than the world at present can give.

We naturally seek out places that offer mystery, hope, and a place we can belong. Just as the video game, movie, or comic book, puts the participant in the role of the hero or heroine. So to does the mystery school put the participant in control of their destiny. Are these claims that these schools make true? Some of them yes; as they used advanced and elaborate methods to accomplish psychological programming. Others, offer nothing more than holographic projections.

So my dear reader if you find yourself in a position where you need faith, hope, mystery, and a place to belong, then by all means join a mystery school or become active in church or temple. Just be mindful of why you are there. After all I cannot dismiss miracles, angels, ghosts, or spiritual gifts entirely if for no other reason than: The human being is only capable of sensing a small part of the visual and audible spectrum. Take ultra violet light or infra red light for instance. WE know it is there yet without the aid of tools or mechanisms we cannot see it. So who is to say that there is not something beyond our senses and beyond our technology we cannot see. If something were to exist that operated on a higher visual, audio, and vibratory frequency, we would not know it exists. Be mindful in all things.

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