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The Mysterious Crystal Skulls

The phenomena and mysterious power known as the crystal skulls was introduced to modern society in 1924 by a 17 year old girl. Her name was Ana Mitchell Hedges, and her discovery would forever change the spiritual world. Young Ana discovered the skull on her 17th birthday in British Honduras, now known as Belize. Ana found the skull in a hole of some old ruins. She was the only one small enough at the camp to be able to retrieve the item. The skull at this time was retrieved with no jaw bone. It was not until many months later that she discovered the jaw bone of the skull.

This one discovery of a near perfect human skull replica was to be the catalyst for the discovery of another 12 crystal skulls. The skulls have developed many amazing myths about them. Most of them are said to be of meso-american origin, either of Aztec or Mayan creation. Up until recently there was very little disputing this. The thirteen skulls have been said to be of extra-terrestrial origin. They are capable of great and profound spiritual things. They can store and retain any knowledge. If someone thought of it the skulls have the power to do it. Numerous books have been written on these magnificent sculptures.

In 2005 three of the thirteen crystal skulls were discovered as fakes. Using sophisticated high-tech microscopes and special resins, researchers at the Smithsonian were able to see that the skulls were not created over decades using water and sand . The skulls were crafted using modern lapidary equipment and fine polishing wheels. Despite this however the legend of the crystal skull lives on. It thrives for much the same reason any religion or faith thrives, because people need something to believe in. Even if it is as wild as extra-terrestrial magic skulls.

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