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The Many Faces of God

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The world we live in today is full of culture, prosperity, poverty, truth, propaganda, crime, injustice, and a melting pot of many other problems and possibilities. One of the biggest factors that affects all of this in our world is religion. How we see God. How we think God sees us and so on. We believe, we have faith, we pray. Some of us follow our holy text and listen to our holy leaders while some of us only pretend for our own selfish reasons. We as a whole are a people that strive to understand more and constantly fail in this through religion. While some of us may truly be seeking our creator, there are plenty of us who are not.

It is my goal to allow my readers to put aside all their beliefs and see things as they really are on a more human level. I want to reveal the main differences between our world’s major religions and also what they have in common. I intend to show my readers that just because you do not believe in someone else’s God, that does not make them your enemy nor does it make you right or them wrong. I also intend to show my readers that if you honestly seek the truth that you can only find it within yourself. Not within a text supposedly divinely inspired and then written by man or possibly brought to our planet by some deity that no one currently alive could possibly have seen deliver said message.

Now you might ask yourself.. Does this person even believe in God? The answer is, yes I do. I am a person who seeks God in a personal way. Not through an easier way already put in place by another person. I seek for God to be revealed to me in any truth available to my senses. I seek for a higher power to enable me to impart wisdom to myself and others. I do not require a name, a holy text, magic, wealth, answered prayers, eternal life or any other thing someone might ask for from their Gods. I only seek truth in any form it will come to me.

On another note, perhaps God has inspired various individuals to record holy teachings and to share them with the masses. I do not deny that this is possible and in some cases potentially likely. These things are not for me to judge. I have read many holy texts and have found quite a few of them informative and sometimes enlightening. The main issue at hand is not the difference in religion but the difference in culture and the lack of tolerance and understanding we should have for each other. While we could enjoy each others’ cultures and learn about each other, instead we constantly quarrel. People from all faiths are responsible for war and oppression. We kill in the name of God.

Finally it is time to put all our differences aside and begin to understand. It is time to see that God can have as many faces as God chooses. Have any of you ever considered that maybe God wanted you all to understand and admire different aspects of what should be considered divine? And maybe that’s why different religions exist? Perhaps God found it boring to only be seen in one perspective. Does an object not have numerous sides? If you look at one side of a coin can you see the other without flipping the coin around? Human error is also something to consider. Maybe God inspired someone to write something and they made a typo. Or maybe our current texts are poor translations of what was once considered a very effective and powerful holy message. Some people think God is all powerful. Some people think God is everywhere. Some people think God has infinite knowledge and wisdom. Some people even think that everything is composed of God. If any one of these things are true, doesn’t that mean that it would be a fairly simple task for God to be seen in more than one light? There are many possibilities to consider when attempting to understand the divine.

Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism are the three largest world religions. I only choose the three largest because they represent over half of all practiced religions. The three combined religions cover 66.67% of the world population according to a Worldwide Religion Percentage chart recorded in 2005. With Christians at 33.06%, Muslims at 20.28%, and Hindus at 13.33%. There is no doubt these numbers have changed since then and will continue to change. Let me remind you though, this is not a popularity contest. I am only using these statistics to show how massive of a following these three religions have. Most of the people involved in these religions were born into them and find them socially acceptable because of that. Had the majority of any one group of these people been born within a culture different from their own the numbers would obviously look a good deal different. Religious meeting places are often closer to social clubs than actual places of worship. This is obviously not true in every instance.

Originally I was going to compile my own research for showing comparisons and examples of religious tolerance between our worlds largest religions. During my continued research I found that this research has already been done and is much more accurate than anything I could hope to provide in a timely fashion. Besides, it is better if one comes to their own conclusions on subjects such as these.


I found other sites as well but they did not promote education and tolerance in the way that these do.

Many interesting things to read here that could challenge many modern religion beliefs:


For the purposes of making an allusion to a higher power any spiritual belief system or religion adheres to, the word God has been used. This is not meant as a disrespect or admiration to any particular religion. The term God is strictly being used as a point of reference. No Gods were harmed in the writing of this text.

Anything ever imagined either is, has been, or will be. ~ Justin Ciriello

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