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The Last of the Ancients or Giant Trees Deforested for the Progress of Man

Many people only know of the giant redwood trees, or sequoia’s found in California, gigantic lumbering behemoth trees that tower far above the normal tree line we are used to. They are trees so large you could drive a car through one. But, before the redwoods there were other Giants, Douglas Firs, Cedars, all across the country. About, the time of the industrial revolution with no more than man’s will and determination the trees were felled. These trees were used as timber for building supports, furniture, almost anything you can think of. Trees that have been around for hundreds maybe of thousands of years were harvested. Today, the only the only record of these Ancients are a collection of photographs by Darius Kinsey and his wife Tabitha Kinsey.

The company that sponsored this was Weyerhaeuser Timber Co. Their work took place from the late 1800’s to 1930’s as technology improved so too did their harvesting methods. These trees were so large that you could live in their trunk, dwarf teams of horses and men and still inspire awe hundreds of years later. Below is a collection of photographs sampled from Darius Kinsey’s archive.

While it is indeed a testament to man’s ingenuity and will it is also a testament to his lack of foresight a lesson our fellow humans still have yet to learn.


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