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The Great White Brotherhood of Ascended Masters

One thing that seems to be relatively global amongst all the sacred texts. The Great White Brotherhood is not an actual group of people. Rather the brotherhood is comprised of several ascended masters from all times, places, and periods in the world. These ascended masters were all once mortals that lead devout lives. The periods range from several incarnations to just one very austere and pure life. Regardless of the how these ascended masters are said to give guidance over humanity in their quest for spiritual evolution.

In the texts of Samael Aun Weor he mentions that all spiritual teachers and guides will have with them a flaming sword. A sword similar to the one the angels carried in the garden of eden. This sword represents their ascended kundalini energy. Kundalini being a great spiral snake at teh base of the spine. An awakened energy means the twin serpents of Kundalini have twisted up the spine and have awakened. Samael Aun Weor’s teachings give great detail to the aspirant about how they too can ascend with the masters. Samael Aun Weor is not the only one to give mention to such asccended masters.

Pramahansa Yogananda in his book autobiography of a yogi , he goes into great detail about the great spiritual teachers incarnate. He tells tales of devotees that get arms removed and later regrow them. He also tells of yogis that have the ability to give the scent of sweet flowers to anything. All of these descriptions including his own experiences are in line with what can be described as the Ascended Masters.

There are still more instance even those of immortals incarnate in the flesh. Yogis who simply cannot die because their bodies are now mere projections of their divine consciousness. Bhartriji is one such yogi. It is alleged that he has resided here for over 2000 years. He can change his body’s age as well as become intangible. It is said that he resides in the Sariksa Forest Reserve in India. However while Bhartriji certainly meets the description of what one would imagine as an Ascended Master; he is a yogi and not a guru. The difference is that of a saint and christ. A saint gives to those he or she feels are deserving, while a guru or christ gives to all regardless of whether they are deserving or not.

With all of these fantastic and seemingly surreal descriptions it becomes quite feasible to assume that the Great White Brotherhood is indeed real. Despite these accounts however there is no formal evidence to even suggest the reality of a Great White Brotherhood. In fact with a description where the only proof is in an astral, spiritual dimension it makes it impossible to find any evidence. However like all things spiritual it requires a bit of blind faith.

With a bit more investigation however I turned up another enlightened being. St. Germaine. St. Germaine’s tales and accounts are nothing short of incredible. Most of them thoroughly detailed in “Zanoni”: While it seems quite feasible that St. Germaine was in fact a real person. It is questionable how embellished his tales were. However one organization called “The Summit Lighthouse”: claims that St.Germaine, as well as greek gods, Jesus, and archangels to all be ascended masters. Like most spiritual organizations people can neither confirm nor dispute such claims. After all with the laws of quantum physics anything is possible just not probable.

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