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The Dzi bead the world’s most powerful talisman

Dzi Beads, Pronounced Zee, are perhaps one of the most powerful, expensive, and sought after of all talismans. Dzi beads have been known to sell for as much as several million dollars. To many Tibetans, the Dzi are sacred heirlooms; the beads will often be passed from generation to generation.

The legend of the Dzi and the purpose of the bead varies with each one. Some of the legends say that Dzi are the droppings of the Garuda, while others say they are gifts from the Gods and only those with pure Karma will ever find them. The Dzi received its modern day fame when a Chinese business man was the only one to survive a major plane crash. He attributed it all to his Dzi. The renewed interest in Dzi has also caused a tremendous influx of forgeries and chicaneries.

The Dzi is often made of agate, a highly resonant stone with a strong natural magnetic field. The Dzi also has a hardness of 7 to 8.5 on the Moh’s hardness scale. The Dzi were originally thought to be etched, but this has since been dis-proven; with the exception of forgeries. The Dzi’s construction is actually done through a chemical and heating process that many have thought was lost with the Tibetans long ago. This is combined with several monks chanting around the flames, to help bring out the power of the stone. Unlike traditional jewelry smithing where you never want to heat the gem because it will crack or scale; the Dzi bead becomes more valued when it is scaled. This effect or appearance is called the dragon scale. The scaling is believed to make the bead more powerful.

Meanings of the beads, Beads have several different symbols

The Eye
The eye is actually a circle on the bead, the number of circles and arrangement change the power and function of the bead.

  • 11 eyed bead, eradicates evil, reduces stress, and improves wisdom and protects the wearer.
  • 10 eyed bead, aids in positive career and relationship development.
  • 9 eyed bead, or mystic bead endows wealth, health, success, power, and protection
  • 8 eyed bead, ensures safety and protection to the wearer
  • 7 eyed bead, promotes health, success, wealth and longevity
  • 6 eyed bead, eliminates suffering and embodies the 6 realms in Buddhism.
  • 5 eyed bead, thunder and lightning bead that eliminates ignorance, as well as attract wisdom and good blessings.
  • 4 eyed bead, promotes wealth, good luck, and protects.
  • 3 eyed bead, known as the wealth bead, promotes good fortune to the fullest.
  • 2 eyed bead, ensures happy family, and domestic life.
  • 1 eyed bead, promotes safety and removes obstacles.

There are many more types and symbols for the Dzi beads. Each bead has a different meaning, some bear swastikas, S shapes, squares, and others may be carved or come in different materials.

When I acquired my Dzi-bead it was at an antique store. I had spent the day wandering the antique stores in my area looking for anything of interest. It was not until my last stop that I accidentally came upon what I now know as a Dzi bead.

I was looking in the glass case at an interesting hand painted Italian tile. As I looked at it I felt an odd vibration by my head; it was a very strong energy. I looked up in the general direction it emanated. I found nothing. So I did what came naturally and felt the energy. The bead was hanging on a string in the corner of the display case behind the framework. It was completely out of sight.

I was ecstatic, it was something small, old, and powerful. This is the whole reason why I came out to the antique stores. I quickly rushed over to the clerk and asked her to take the bead out for me. She looked at me perplexed because I had to point out its location, but when she found it she too was instantly enamored by it. The woman continued to say “I wish I knew it was there I would’ve boughten (yes she did say boughten) it”. Happy with my new purchase I put it around my neck, and instantly I felt a surge of power and healthful energy.

As if it were not enough that bead showed itself to me, that night I had a dream about the beads origin. In the dream a Tibetan monk had given the stone to a priest. The monk had hand woven the bead’s tie out of silk. The priest in turn gave the necklace to a friend who in turn decided to sell it. I awoke quite intrigued by my dream, and early in the morning i began researching Tibetan beads. It was then that I learned of the bead’s true nature as a Dzi.

However since this time I have come into contact with several more beads. I am offering one of my last beads a Heaven and Earth design as pictured below; to you one of my deserving readers.

Now since I only have one to give right now I am going to hold a contest of sorts. To receive the bead, you must tell me why you feel you are deserving of the bead. The person with the most worthy story will be mailed the bead. There is one more catch, by entering this contest you agree to allow Excommunicate to publish your story on our site and follow up with us a month after receipt of the bead.

As of August 2007 the Bead has been sent to its new owner. We will do a follow up, with the bead’s new owner.


  1. I have been given a book by a very dear friend “A WISH CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE“. One go through life with out taking any notice about things that come on to your life jorney.Since reading this book I have been watching my life journey.
    By profession Iam a Feng Shui Consultant.Client ask me to help him with a Marshal Art studio. I was looking through my notes and came a cross an interesting things about DZI
    Beads.And this happen to be a part of my wish.I did a serch & your site came to my life.Here I am writing to a complete stranger.My life path is taking me to interesting places,
    Thank you.Now I know little about Dzi beads.Why it has come in to my life?
    Love & Light
    Hansa Smith

  2. Munwar ali says

    Hi I am munwar from gilgit,pakistan, I have 245 antiques dzi beads

    • Hello!

      I know this is twelve years late but dzi beads are fascinating to me! Your article is super interesting, especially how you were drawn to its energy, and the dream you had afterwards!

      I came across a Tibetan woman recently who told me a legend about them. Also I bought one off ebay and took it to six crystal stores and they said it was made of agate but I’m still trying to figure out if it’s ‘real’. Anyway I would love to talk about this with you if you are willing! Let me know.


      • All genuine dzi are made of agate it helps. It can be difficult to date, often characteristics are stress fractures long the white markings

  3. Oh my,here goes.went to The Coner..in Winslow Arizona, thrift store.this DZI bead found me,didn’t know about the DZI,my friends who have lived in China told me what it is.i stand amazed..I’m so happy

  4. Christy Bromley says

    hi where can i buy an dzi bead there are so many fakes out there

    • There are a few places I know of that sell ancient DZI but you need to be prepared to spend a lot of money on them. If you are still interested I will share where.

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