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The answer to an experiment to improve yourself

Last week I asked that you read An experiment to improve yourself. Over the week you were supposed to re-read it one to two times a day for the week. I also asked you to memorize the phrase.

“It’s a momentous move of today in vindication
against tomorrow’s eventual demise.”

If you have not read the article then you may not want to finish reading this article. Else you will ruin its purpose and effect.

After you were done reading the article, you were to write down how the article made you feel. Well for most of you the feeling was that you were very motivated. You probably found yourself with an urge to do. For those of you that it did not work for I thank you for participating in the experiment. Here is why you may have been one of the few to feel more motivated.

To start with let me just say that everything you read was completely fabricated bullshit. The only purpose to the article was to get you to read it. That having been said let’s take a closer look.

On a superficial level the article started by setting a mood. It was about seizing the moment and trying to improve one’s self. It was also much more than meets the eye. The method used to give one a feeling of being motivated was a form of subliminal messaging. A method which is perfectly legal to use in today’s society.

Let’s take a look at the mantra I had you memorize.

“It’s a momentous move of today in vindication
against tomorrow’s eventual demise.”

It represented that in a single act today you can act against tomorrow’s inevitable end.In other words “Do today what you can put off tomorrow.” The important part however is when you break the quote down. Take a look at the first letter of each word

I t’s


M omentous

M ove

O f

T oday

I n

V indication

A gainst

T omorrow’s

E ventual

D emise

What does that spell “I am motivated.” Now this could be one possible explanation of why one felt motivation after memorizing this phrase and reading the article. However there is a little more to it than just the one phrase.

Take a look at the fifth paragraph. The first letter of every sentence on the right and left spells “I am motivated”.

In addition to that the first letter of every sentence in the last two paragraphs also spells the phrase “I Am Motivated.” Combine this with the word motivated appearing in the paragraph every now and then and you have your answer.

Why you may not have found yourself motivated after reading the article. Here are a few reasons why the subliminals may not have taken effect.

  • Your attention was diverted among many things when reading the article.
  • You did not re-read the article or you did not read it in its entirety
  • You may have a higher cognitive tolerance against subliminal messaging.

This will be the only time I will try to use subliminal messaging in an attempt to alter my viewers perceptions. This was written as a two fold. The first was to try and help the reader. The second was to make the reader aware of what Guerrilla marketing techniques they may encounter online. If you happened to be one of the many that did feel motivated after reading the article, then I am happy to have given you some extra motivation.

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