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Tarot a brief history

The Tarot first came into existence in the 1400’s; although some would claim its origins can be traced to Ancient Egypt and further still to Atlantis. There is however no historical evidence for such a claim. The tarot cards that came to be in the 1400’s were not as we know them today. The cards were originally used as playing cards and it was not until the 1800’s that they gained their fortune telling stigma.

Somewhere between 1400 and 1800 the Tarot were devised as a picture book to help pass on the history and lessons of the cabala. One cannot be sure of when the Tarot was integrated with the Cabala or if it was always such. One thing is said though that the two compliment each other nicely with their symbolism and methods. The tarot survived as long as it did as an esoteric tool because it could be utilized as a card game. It is thought that after the burning of the library of Alexandria many scholars and students of the esoteric moved to Fez. It is in fez that they used the cards as both an oral tradition to pass on their esoteric lessons and as a means of study.

The tarot deck of today is vastly marketed and publicized with most of the cards keeping a vague connection to the original decks. One can find decks featuring virtually anything, dragons, baseball, animals, television, there are even kama sutra versions. Most of these decks as such have lost their original symbolism.

The Rider-Waite deck, The Golden Dawn deck, Crowley’s Thoth deck, and Builder’s of the Adytum’s uncolored deck, all make excellent use of flashing colors (or contrasting colors), linked imagery, and subconscious cues. The decks consist of well thought out and very purposeful content.

Tarot is a bit of a more elaborate process than pendulum magic and the ouija but it still operates on the same principle. It is powered by the user. An interesting thing to note at least in my experience; is that should one ever visit a “psychic” or “medium” with their deck of tarot cards. Pay close attention to the spread, 9 times out of 10 they never actually refer to the cards and continue with their cold reading.

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  1. Playing cards were the inspiration for the origin of tarot. In the early days, tarot was also used to create stories and poems. These poems in praise of courtiers were called Tarocchi Appropriati. In time, these cards became connected with divination.

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