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Taming of the moose

In the early 1900’s attempts by the Swedish army and Russian army were made to domesticate the moose. The idea was that moose could trek better through deep snow than any other domestic animal of the time. The moose however proved to be more of a hazard than help in battle. As the moose’s natural instinct to hide overpowered their training to stay. Domestication of the moose was pursued by the Swedish Army until the Soviet-Finnish war in 1939. The Russian military abandoned the idea when World War II began as the moose were still not prepared.

The domestication of moose for agriculture purposes was adopted when the Pechora-llych Nature Reserve started a moose domestication program. The program has changed and evolved until 1963 when it became the Kostroma Moose Farm. Today the moose is bred in Russia, as a source of milk. The milk is often sued as a treatment for peptic ulcers and is rich in vitamins. The moose are not raised for meat as the cost to raise the moose far exceeds the payback for their meat.

The farmed moose however is not raised as any typical farm animal. The moose is given free reign of the forest for three seasons of the year. They use the farms to birth their young as well as a feeding location. The moose are quite tame and often used in petting zoo scenarios. They come when called and can even be ridden as one would mount a horse.

Today only 33 moose are kept on the farm in a domestic setting. The moose domestication and farming program remains mostly as an idea than as a practical application.

For more information
* Kostroma Agricultural Labratory
* Kostroma Moose Farm

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