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Table Rapping and Automatic Writing

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By Alex Verner

Digitized by Excommunicate.Net © 2008

In dealing with the subject of Table Rapping and Automatic Writing, I should like my readers to give a fair trial to both systems for communicating with. spirit friends. There are numerous ways of gaining information, and also for convincing skeptics. Some say it is all done with “Animal Magnetism,” others say “Telepathy” (transference of thought from one mind to another) can explain a good deal. -That may be so in some cases, but then we must consider the facts as we find them, and then carefully compare them and see what progress we have made. Some people have said “How is it that spirits condescend to come and lift the table, or rap on the table?” To them I may say, when a person has passed on, he does not feel quite at home for some time-his spirit has its longings for those left behind; just the same when a man goes to a foreign country, he does not get accustomed to the country all at once-his mind travels home on various occasions, but he gets used to his new home in time. It is just the same with the person that has passed to the higher life–he gets accustomed to his new surroundings and conditions in time. He has to begin to learn the different ways the same as he did when in the natural world, and when we come to consider the time when he was sitting around the family table at meal times, we do not wonder at him giving us a message, or letting us know that he is with us in the spirit. But he knows how much we can stand; he does not care to scare us, so he makes himself heard by “tapping” on the table or bedroom door, or any place where he thinks proper. Sometimes he might show us various colored lights; other times musical instruments are played, sometimes heavy furniture is moved. I have seen a large table rise up from the floor, and I have been in a very large house that has been shaken by spirit influences, and the vibration could easily be felt. Some people object to investigate psychic phenomena, and then they condemn it. A person has no right to condemn a subject that he does not understand. He should first study it, with an unbiased mind, and have patience, and then see what conclusion he can come to. There is only one conclusion he can come to, if he studies the subject fairly, and that is, spirit communion is possible under the right psychological conditions.

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