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Real Life Time Traveler

Time travel has always been a classic staple in most any science fiction story. H.G. Wells wrote his classic The Time Machine as a social commentary on the human species. Despite the book’s true nature many people have grasped onto the concept and possibilities of time travel. For most of us this is just a fanciful passing idea. There are always the classic ideas of time travel for profit, murder, or the prevention of death.
However, one man has carried this idea with him his whole life and hopes to someday build his own time machine.

Professor Ronald L. Mallett of the University of Connecticut, has theorized that time travel is not only possible but he is working on an actual time machine. Professor Mallett’s dreams of time travel were fueled by the untimely death of his father. Ronald was only a young boy at the age of 10 when this happened. It was a year after his father’s untimely passing that Ronald, grief stricken buried himself into a copy of H.G. Wells Time Machine. It was this book that inspired the young boy to build a time machine to go back and save his father.

Much has changed for Professor Mallet since this time. The dreams of going back and saving his father have diminished as time moved forward. However his dreams of building a time machine are perhaps more vivid and alive than ever.

The theory of time travel that Ronald developed is based in parts on Einstein’s own work. The time machine itself would be a Laser Optical Time Machine and Receiver Transmitter or LOTART. It’s design is similar to a spiraling tower in which lasers would create a gravitational field that would cause space and time to twist and close time into a loop. The machine would allow individuals to only travel forward and time and not backward. Essentially time travel would be limited to the moment the device was activated.

Currently, the Time Machine is still in its primitive stages, while Professor Mallett searches for financial backing. He has had both military and private investors approach him to fund his project but he has rejected both. Rejected largely due to moral implications of his investors wanting to get richer or to use the device as a military advancement. With the prototype estimated at $250,000 hopefully an “angel” investor will come along soon.

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