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Pure Mind Body and Soul

There are three essential things to having commune with the divine. Those are pure body, pure mind, and pure spirit. The three cannot exist out of harmony with one another, but they are possible to achieve in time.


PURE BODY– What is a pure body, a pure body is a body free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. It is a body sustained by a vegetarian diet and one that abstains or practices sexual activity in moderation. It is a body free from vices.

Many of these things are difficult to attain in their own right, and I do not ask ,that you attempt all three at once. Just be aware that when it is time the spirit will guide you to right and mindful action. All of these will become true with diligence and time.

A vegetarian diet builds a body more able to accept the higher vibrations of the spirit. It shows a respect for sentient life and builds the tools needed to enter deeper meditation. It is possible to achieve meditation and commune with the divine without a vegetarian diet it just takes more time effort and energy.

A drug and alcohol free body allows you to become more in tune with the higher vibrations of the spirit. We are surrounded by the spirit, we are saturated with the spirit. By keeping our body clean, we can sense both positive and negative energies around us. These extra perceptory senses guide us to correct actions and correct paths. If we are under the influence, then these subtleties will become harder if not impossible to read.

A body free of sexual desires is more able to honor and see the spirit within others. Physical attraction no longer holds as much sway. When one is able to conquer their desire for taste and extra food then they will be able to conquer their sexual urges. The longer we are able to abstain from sexual activity the more empowered our meditations can become, and the more in tune to higher vibrations we will be. For married couples it is recommended to practice moderation, while a single person may want to consider a life of celibacy.

All these vices or perceived wants of the body become easier to overcome with meditation and time. The more time you spend in contact with the spirit, the more natural these activities become.

PURE MIND – A pure mind is a mind free of harmful or negative thoughts. When we can control our thoughts, we can control our actions. Absolute control may not be possible at first but given enough practice and meditation the mind will naturally reorientate itself.

Harmful thoughts, are those things that would wish harm upon others or ones self. These manifestations could be in moments of anger or merely, as a passing dislike. We must learn to recognize these moments and tell ourselves it is not the natural state of our spirit, but a compulsory urge.

Harmful thoughts can also be received from the body, in the forms of sexual urges or need to continue an addiction. The body plays a large role in directing our mind. When we can see our body’s influence on the mind E.G. I am hungry, then we can take proper action.

Wandering thoughts, wandering thoughts happen all the time. They can occur when we are sitting, in a chair at work, or driving down the road, riding in a car. These can can be more trouble than harmful thoughts as they are out of our control. They often start as wondering what work you need to have done by 3 then jump to what you want to be doing, then jump again. This is the monkey mind, always distracted, and always ever changing.

It is the monkey mind that will try and mislead you most during meditation. The best way is to maintain focus and to redirect yourself when you find you have gone off path. In time this becomes easier with the more meditation you do, but can seem an impossible task when you first try to gain composure of true being.

PURE SOUL – A pure spirit or soul is the result of a pure mind and a pure body. It cannot exist without the prior. The spirit can always influence mind and body. It is learning to read the cues of the spirit that allows us to move forward.

The spirit aids in bringing the other parts of our being into balance. You are immortal, you are an eternal being, and your body is the physical manifestation of that spirit. You may have heard of nature vs nurture, both may be conquered by direct application of meditation. With meditation you are able to unite all. It is the only thing you need to maintain contact with the divine and claim your part in this world. A pure spirit is one that has a balanced Karma. Karma is action, action from our present life and past lives. Only when our Karma is in balance can we truly begin to ascend.

Karma may be balanced through proper (re)-action. If you have done someone wrong then make up for it in some way. Meditation can also help relieve the burden of Karma. Meditation is the thread that binds Mind, Body and Soul. It is the simplest of spiritual exercises and benefits all three parts of our physical eco-system.

In the next lesson we will learn how to meditate, and the benefits of meditation, outside of creating a perfect eco-system for self.

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