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Psychometry, psychic object reading

Psychometry has long gone hand and hand with stage magic and charlatan psychics. Psychometry is the art of divination, where the mystic or spiritualist takes an item in hand and is able to devise information from it. Some people who are skilled practitioners may explain the way that they devise the information from the object is via the Akashic records. Ok, what are the Akashic records? The Akashic records are supposedly the collection of all events, physical, spiritual and mental recorded in the ether, or depending who you ask the Earth. Whether the source of the information retrieved from an object is in fact from the Akashic records is questionable.

Traditionally how psychometry has been performed by psychics or stage magicians; is through a form of cold reading. There is nothing mystical about cold reading, as it relies heavily on pre-mined information, observation, and emotion. A sample reading may involve one handing over a ring or other close affectation to the psychic. The psychic will first make note of the object, the general wear, type of ring, does it have gems? Is it filigree or is it a simple band? Is it gold or silver? Just from the ring alone one can devise several conclusions about a person. With this knowledge the psychic can begin their reading. Typically it begins with a base description and becomes more detailed as they pick up on body language or other tell tale signs. More often than not the owner of the ring owner will be astounded by the psychic’s astute capabilities of observation and leave satisfied.

Surely though their must be some truth to the abilities of psychometry? Now we can suppose their may be more to it. That the methods typically used by a stage magician aren’t true. So how could one presume to read an object for real using “psychic” talents? Well, everything has a magnetic field no matter how weak or strong. Metals are more conductive of this field than say wood or fabric. So we too can start with a ring. Now assuming the basics; if someone has been wearing the same ring for near 10-20 years it has at this point started to not only wear down but also absorb some of the owners magnetic field. As spiritualists like to call it aura or energy. Surprisingly enough one can actually train themselves to pick up on the subtle shifts in energy in objects.

To do so simply place your hands together as if you were praying. Now stop about a centimeter apart. Focus on your hands and you will notice a slow tugging or vibration just like that of a magnet. Some people can feel this energy with their hands a foot apart, while others can barely feel it with their hands practically touching. This is also a good combination of the body’s natural heat; however it gives you a good ground to start. Sometimes it may help to play with two magnets to get an idea of how the fields work before attempting this.

Once you are able to feel your own field take the ring up in your left hand. Now try to remember how you felt the energy between your two hands. Except instead use the ring as your counter magnet. This like most things may take a little practice as some objects have a higher magnetic field than others. If you want to make this easier get a piece of agate. Agates have naturally high magnetic fields. Now by holding the object in your hand and trying to feel its energy you have just succeeded in a basic form of true psychometry. Great I can now feel the magnetic fields in objects what does that do for me? Right now not much but over time and with practice you can get an idea for positive and negative fields. Learn what you are naturally attracted to and what you dislike. You may even find that there are entire areas that just make you vibrate. Now there is a little more meaning to the term “I get good vibes from this” or “it gives me the willies”.

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