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Projecting Intentions

It is an interesting thing to control your reality with thought. Most people underestimate their thoughts. Even the simplest idea or act is an act of great power. Take preparing a cup of tea for example. Consider all the acts and motions that go into preparing that tea. The tea must be grown, harvested, dried, packed, shipped, purchased, prepared, and finally sipped. The simplest act of having a hot drink to relax carries some of the most profound actions.

Our lives are full of connected chains like these. Every chain has purpose, appreciate the act, learn to control the outcome. Today the focus is less upon the act of thought but more upon observation. Take about five minutes to sit by yourself in a chair.

When you sit down take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Do this in a cyclical motion so where the breath ends and where it begins become but one breath. Relax the muscles and place your hands upon your lap. Relax, let your mind wander. I want you to imagine that you are outside your body looking down upon yourself sitting on that chair. Watch yourself breathe.

Imagine the next series of future events. AS you watch yourself sit imagine watching yourself get up from the chair. What will you do? Get a drink, interact with someone? How will you converse? Will you eat? Start with a simple act. When you have completed your imagining such as drinking tea imagine yourself back in your body.

Whatever it was you visualized now follow through on. If you made tea, in your mind then make tea. If you went for a walk go for a walk. You get the idea.

Repeat this process once a day for a week. Continue to imagine simple events and then enact upon them. After a consistent week of this projected action, I want you to expand upon the act. Start to add elements you wouldn’t normally do. Maybe while you make that tea the phone rings. Answer the phone.

What you will find is that after you have projected your intentions for a week and start to add unpredictability is that you will in fact start to predict. It may happen only “by accident” at first but if you continue to practice you will find that these unprecedented events wills tart to happen.

Are you creating the events or predicting the future? Only you can figure out what is going on through careful observation. The key thing to take a way from this activity is that for every action there is an almost infinite reaction. How much do your simple actions change or alter your reality. How can they effect others? The seemingly powerless options we thought we had are actually quite a but more influential.

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