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Practical Application of the Inner Death in Motion

Rather than write a how to today I thought I would introduce everyone to a fantastic site that was brought to my attention.

The site is Death in Motion it is about eliminating the egos and transcending to one’s true self.

From the Site

The purpose of this website is to provide practical information on the Death in Motion as a practice of mystical death.

To Begin

Observation must be combined with identification. If we cannot identify the inner mother does not know which ego to hit. That is our task to identify egos. You can of course also ask the inner mother to help you to identify egos.

Identifying the Ego

1. The memory must be developed. We must be able to stop at any point in the day, ask ourselves the question, ‘what am I thinking about ?’, and then recall all that has been happening in our minds. We will then be able to choose one ego, keep it mind, concentrate on it and start working on it.

The site is short and to the point. If you have time today it is definitely worth a read and even more worthwhile to apply the lessons within.

Death in Motion

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