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It is a rare treat indeed when one can get their hands on a long out of print occult manuscript. It is a rarer treat when a book once only found in Latin or Arabic is translated into English. Then add to this book a professional typesetting, perfect binding, and gold gilt embellishments and you have yourself a real treasure.

Such is the case with the copy of the Picatrix that I recently acquired from Ouroboros Press. For those who do not know; the Picatrix is a fantastic resource on Astrological and Talismanic magic. While it is a bit of a dry read the information presented within is priceless. In a similar way to Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy one may learn the appropriate way to summon the spirit of any of the stellar systems. However, if you are looking to use the book beyond a practical reference and resource you may have difficulty getting your hands on some of the ingredients required. Requests for rites are so outlandish that it makes you wonder how a spell or invocation could not work as is demonstrated in the final excerpt of the invocation of mars.

“Then you use the incense and then repeat the invocation as you are bowing and kneeling to him. When you are done, sacrifice a tiger or wildcat and burn him as we have mentioned before and eat its liver then all your requests will come true.”

Despite this there are gems of wisdom that don’t require the consumption of an animals liver. Some of them even seem to have a bit of basis in a more scientific approach. Such as this formula to get rid of fleas.

“There is also a charm that Kothamy said he tried for killing fleas is by taking colocynth seed with quicklime and the root of the Egyptian cucumber. Grind them and add some stinky red comfrey. Melt plenty of salt in water and soak the mixture in that water, then spray it around the beds and the house and you will never see any fleas again.”

While this volume of the Picatrix does not contain the complete works of Ghayat Al-Hakim it definitely has more than enough information and history to give you insights into the past. If you are bold enough to do the magic within then it provides you with all the proper knowledge needed to succeed in your summons.

If you are interested in picking up your own copy of the Picatrix then stop over at Ouroboros Press , and you may want to do it sooner than later since every book published at Ouroboros is a limited edition.

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