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Pendulum magic, is not so mystical

Before I can fully explain pendulum magic, I need to explain how to do it. To apply and do pendulum magic is simple. All you need is a string with a fishing weight attached, or a pocket watch, or an actual pendulum. Really anything with a long chain or string and weight attached will work.

We begin by placing our elbow firmly upon a flat surface and holding the pendulum chain between our fore finger and thumb. Our elbow should be at a slight tilt higher than 45 degrees but less than 90. When the pendulum is steady we gently swing the pendulum forward and backward telling ourselves this means *yes*. Stop swinging it. Now we swing the pendulum from left to right and tell ourselves this means *no*. Again stop the pendulum. Now we swing the pendulum in a circular motion and say this means *maybe*. Stop the pendulum. Now that we have established the meaning of the pendulum swings we ask it to show us a *no*. The pendulum will now start to swing to show us a no. Ask it again to show us a yes, a maybe , etc we do this a few times until we have established that all three answers work.

We are now ready to ask a real question. “Is the earth flat?” The pendulum will swing left to right meaning, no it is not. Go ahead and ask it another question that you already know the answer to. Eventually we will see the pendulum always swing to what we know the answer to be. Once we have established these trials we can now ask it any yes or no question we would like, and it will answer truthfully.

How does the pendulum work?

The pendulum works by reading our subconscious mind, in much the same way a hypnotist can hypnotize a person using subtle suggestions and a pocket watch. For us to see the conscious effect of the pendulum we must be aware of the sleight muscle contractions in our arm, when we ask our question. When we ask a question that we already know the answer to, such as is the earth round? Then we can intentionally think an opposite answer. The pendulum will now swing to our conscious thought, no, the earth is not round. The pendulum can be a very useful tool to determine our subconscious desires over our conscious desires. Eventually we become more and more aware of our subconscious thoughts and we will find that the pendulum only answers what we already know. There is really nothing mystical about pendulum magic other than what modern psychics have ascribed to it. When you get right down to it, the pendulum is only a simple form of self hypnosis.


* The Hypnotism Handbook


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