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Patience is a virtue

The older one gets the more they start to realize the value of patience. Value not just in the importance of staying one’s hand but value in the ability to facilitate great things through patience. In today’s society of instant gratification, the epitome of patience represents a span of sitting through commercials on tv or in the theater. One can forget about patience on the internet, the idea is practically non-existent. You have less than 5 seconds to catch someone’s attention on a web page or they are gone. Now if someone is there for more than a minute wow, that is pure gold!

This however is not the type of patience I am talking about. What I refer to is quite lengthier, a patience of months, or years. The seeds that we sow today we will reap in the future. Consider the technology that is going on around us; it is growing and changing constantly. How often have we reflected upon our lives and thought if only I had done that so many years ago, or if I could go go back in time. There are four keys to successful use of patience.

1) Time Awareness
One must be aware of the passage of time and the current events. What is going on, in local events, global events, scientific discoveries? Today’s news is tomorrow’s history. Utilize the passage of time to your advantage.

2) Build a Plan
Setup a plan to utilize the passage of time. Do you want more money? Do you want a mate? Whatever it is you desire, consider the possibility of patience. A plan set into motion now, especially a prolonged plan is more likely to succeed than a short term solution. The longer you can wait the better off you are.

3) Wait
Here is where one must be patient. After you are consciously aware of the passage of time and events, and you have set up your plan, you must now exercise patience. Like a money bond, a plan executed with patience is only good until enough time has passed.

4) Reap
Finally the time has arrived to reap the benefits of your patience. After several months or years you have finally achieved your goal. When it does you realize one thing. That you only have the now. Reaping the benefits tomorrow is the same as reaping them now. It will feel as if no time has passed because at last your goal is fulfilled.

That is the secret of patience. The passage of time is based upon an interconnected series of present moments. The pay off being the most current now of tomorrow. When you can execute a plan of patience no obstacle is too large for you to overcome.

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