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Part Two: Do Vampires Exist?

“Part One”:

Sometime ago I wrote about the possibility and evidence of “real” vampires. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending upon your perspective the possibility of vampires appeared to be solely faith based. However, there is another type of vampire I did not take time to discuss.

That is the vampire that feeds off of energy, a much more common and very “real” vampire. An energy vampire is any person or thing that feeds on the life energy, chi, ki, prana of another being. There are even entire “communities”: that support and encourage the act of energy vampirism. Even “Oprah’s Site”: has an article on energy vampires. Consensus seems to be that energy vampirism is a very real thing.

Is vampirism real though? The definition of energy vampirism is any one who “drains” you of your energy, or makes you sad, depressed, run down. This amazingly also describes a low blood sugar level or sleep deprivation. Energy vampirism could simply be a way to try and explain away an other wise real problem. As a species we try to make sense of the insensible even if that sense is nothing more than an extreme case of “pareidolia”: Supposing though that all this talk of energy vampirism is true. That we do need to protect ourselves.

One may start to protect themselves by creating a basic “spiritual shield”: . This will keep you safe from many vampiric attacks. One cannot protect from an attack however unless they know what to watch for. Despite all of the talk and speculation one can find on the internet about energy vampires, it is difficult to find an account of an actual attack. Permit me now to relay an experience I once had with an encounter of a true vampire.

bq. It was a warm summer night, and the moon outside was bright and made the night seem as if it were day. My friend and I stood outside. We were looking out at the stars and listening to the coyotes howl. The night was still, there was no breeze. As we stood there, we noticed an odd black fog rolling in.

bq. As we stood there, we watched the fog roll in as it encircled the house. The dogs were now starting to get nervous and desperately wanted to go inside. Not thinking anything of it we went inside and the dogs followed behind. The fog now had enwrapped the house and a chill crawled up my spine. I knew this was no ordinary fog. About the moment I made that realization the dogs started running around the house barking at the doors. I looked at my friend, shrugged my shoulder and opened the door. The dog next to me instantly put its ears back and tail beneath its legs and ran upstairs. As I looked out into the dark fog I saw nothing. I waited.

bq. I turned to look back at my friend who now had a terrified look on his face. It was as if he’d seen a ghost. As I turned back I understood why. An unearthly ice cold breeze blew across me. Instantly I was shivering. I slammed the door shut and we went upstairs to check on the dogs. The black fog was now rolling up the stairs.

bq. How could this be possible I thought. I told my friend to go upstairs and wait with the dogs. The fog consumed me and enshrouded me as if it were alive. A feeling of overwhelming dread consumed me. I tried desperately to raise some semblance of spiritual armor but it was too late I had no other option. I felt the coldness around me, the desolate loneliness. Closing my eyes and taking a deep breath I focused my energy and began to absorb the darkness within. The fog dissipated as I felt the darkness pour into me. I was vibrating with energy, but not the right kind. I would take sometime for me to convert this energy but it was gone, at least I thought it was.

This was when I learned what a true vampiric attack was. Imagine an ice cold breeze, a lump in your throat because you are too terrified to move or even yell. Imagine that icy touch literally pulling the life out of you as if you were bleeding profusely. Add a splitting migraine and you have just been attacked by a vampire. This is the only way I can describe it. To remove the energy of another is much akin to channeling one’s own prana, ki, or chi, except in reverse. The hands don’t become hot they become ice cold, and when channeled the icy breeze emanates from them. Do vampires exist? I will let you decide.

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