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Pure Mind Body and Soul

There are three essential things to having commune with the divine. Those are pure body, pure mind, and pure spirit. The three cannot exist out of harmony with one another, but they are possible to achieve in time.


PURE BODY– What is a pure body, a pure body is a body free from the influence of drugs and alcohol. It is a body sustained by a vegetarian diet and one that abstains or practices sexual activity in moderation. It is a body free from vices.

Many of these things are difficult to attain in their own right, and I do not ask ,that you attempt all three at once. Just be aware that when it is time the spirit will guide you to right and mindful action. All of these will become true with diligence and time.

A vegetarian diet builds a body more able to accept the higher vibrations of the spirit. It shows a respect for sentient life and builds the tools needed to enter deeper meditation. It is possible to achieve meditation and commune with the divine without a vegetarian diet it just takes more time effort and energy.

A drug and alcohol free body allows you to become more in tune with the higher vibrations of the spirit. We are surrounded by the spirit, we are saturated with the spirit. By keeping our body clean, we can sense both positive and negative energies around us. These extra perceptory senses guide us to correct actions and correct paths. If we are under the influence, then these subtleties will become harder if not impossible to read.

A body free of sexual desires is more able to honor and see the spirit within others. Physical attraction no longer holds as much sway. When one is able to conquer their desire for taste and extra food then they will be able to conquer their sexual urges. The longer we are able to abstain from sexual activity the more empowered our meditations can become, and the more in tune to higher vibrations we will be. For married couples it is recommended to practice moderation, while a single person may want to consider a life of celibacy.

All these vices or perceived wants of the body become easier to overcome with meditation and time. The more time you spend in contact with the spirit, the more natural these activities become.

PURE MIND – A pure mind is a mind free of harmful or negative thoughts. When we can control our thoughts, we can control our actions. Absolute control may not be possible at first but given enough practice and meditation the mind will naturally reorientate itself.

Harmful thoughts, are those things that would wish harm upon others or ones self. These manifestations could be in moments of anger or merely, as a passing dislike. We must learn to recognize these moments and tell ourselves it is not the natural state of our spirit, but a compulsory urge.

Harmful thoughts can also be received from the body, in the forms of sexual urges or need to continue an addiction. The body plays a large role in directing our mind. When we can see our body’s influence on the mind E.G. I am hungry, then we can take proper action.

Wandering thoughts, wandering thoughts happen all the time. They can occur when we are sitting, in a chair at work, or driving down the road, riding in a car. These can can be more trouble than harmful thoughts as they are out of our control. They often start as wondering what work you need to have done by 3 then jump to what you want to be doing, then jump again. This is the monkey mind, always distracted, and always ever changing.

It is the monkey mind that will try and mislead you most during meditation. The best way is to maintain focus and to redirect yourself when you find you have gone off path. In time this becomes easier with the more meditation you do, but can seem an impossible task when you first try to gain composure of true being.

PURE SOUL – A pure spirit or soul is the result of a pure mind and a pure body. It cannot exist without the prior. The spirit can always influence mind and body. It is learning to read the cues of the spirit that allows us to move forward.

The spirit aids in bringing the other parts of our being into balance. You are immortal, you are an eternal being, and your body is the physical manifestation of that spirit. You may have heard of nature vs nurture, both may be conquered by direct application of meditation. With meditation you are able to unite all. It is the only thing you need to maintain contact with the divine and claim your part in this world. A pure spirit is one that has a balanced Karma. Karma is action, action from our present life and past lives. Only when our Karma is in balance can we truly begin to ascend.

Karma may be balanced through proper (re)-action. If you have done someone wrong then make up for it in some way. Meditation can also help relieve the burden of Karma. Meditation is the thread that binds Mind, Body and Soul. It is the simplest of spiritual exercises and benefits all three parts of our physical eco-system.

In the next lesson we will learn how to meditate, and the benefits of meditation, outside of creating a perfect eco-system for self.

My day with a homeless man and how it changed my life. (part 1)

I sat at the end of the pier and took out my pen and notebook. I glanced down into the ocean to see a school of shiners swimming beneath me. The sun was hitting them in such a way they seemed more like organic little lights. It was a gorgeous day outside, the sun was out in full force and there was a cool constant breeze.

With my open notebook in hand, I begin to jot down my ideas. Not even a minute had passed when I overheard someone talking to me.

“Are you a writer because I am?” the voice was raspy, weathered, confident and distraught.

“hmm.” I looked up at the man speaking to me.

“Are you a writer?” He had been sitting outside a while. He was in an wheel chair. His outward appearance matched his voice, his body also aged but by the elements more than time. He had a cast on his leg as well as a large bandage on his knee.
“I ask because I’m a writer. You know I love writing.”

Intrigued by what this man said I turned my full attention to him. “No, actually I am more of an artist. I was just doing some brainstorming, trying to sort out my life. That’s why I came down to the pier.”

“Wow, that is smart.” There was a pause “I’m sorry I don’t like talking to people unless I know their name. I’m Harry.” He extended his hand toward me. He was only able to extend two fingers and his thumb to shake my hand.

“I’m Jack, pleasure to meet you.”

“I’m a writer you know pretty good one too. I mean I’m not published or anything yet but, I’ve got this great story. It’s the next Tom Sawyer you know.” From the sound of his voice and the motions of his hands you could tell he was passionate about writing. “It’s almost done, it’s a great story. You wanna hear a poem I wrote? I mean its not very good it’s crap really. I wrote it for my girlfriend”

“I’d love to.” I nodded to him.

Looking off in a contemplative manner. He began to recite the poem.

bq. “Though racked with gout both hand and foot and cancer deep should strike its root.

bq. Do palsy shakes these feeble thighs and hideous lump on shoulder rise.

bq. Through flacid gums teeth fall away all is well if life but stay. ”

I was astounded by the simple complexities of the poem. “It’s not very good but you know sometimes…” he paused.

“You just have to get it out of your head and on to the paper.” He looked at my response in amazement.

“Exactly! Yeah, that’s exactly it. I mean it’s all about the rhythm. It’s not the greatest but… I mean you know Herman Melville?” I nodded. “Yeah, he wrote Moby Dick. Absolutely brilliant! The symbology in it the language everything is just …” He stopped and looked out to the ocean. It’s the type of look you see when someone is completely enamored and lost in thought. “Brilliant. I mean of course there are no giant White Whales! There never was, it represents Herman’s battle in life the whale is the great nothingness! It’s the great struggle. Fuck, the whale is his novel Moby Dick; and he is Ahab putting himself up on that fucking cross.”

The idea was so simple and yet so brilliant. “No one ever fucking sees it but Moby Dick and Ahab it was Herman Melville it was his fucking life.” No sooner than he had finished his sentence then he was off wheeling right next to me looking out at the sea. A classic Schooner was coming into port. “I love this shit, the sea the ocean, it’s my life. Is the ship coming this way? I can’t see all that well. Losing my vision, got diabetes.” He extended his arms out and with a beaming smile looked out longingly towards the boat. “If my leg weren’t so bad off I could handle that boat. bring it anywhere. Those people don’t know how to handle that thing. It’s all motorized now. Look at those pine beams. Look at that rope look at how simple that is.”

Now I had never really paid much attention to boats before but seeing this schooner through, Harry’s eyes was amazing. For the first time ever, I too marveled at the simplicity of the boat. It was amazingly simple and powerful. We watched the boat come in to dock. The boat slammed into the side of the dock, the bumpers barely hitting the dock instead of the boat.

“You see that?!” Harry leaned forward waving his arm at the boat.

“It wasn’t very graceful.” I said, but I was more focused on watching the enthusiasm Harry had for this ship.

“They got damn lucky. Oh, you see that? Oh, know?! What are they doing? You never tie a boat like that!” The kid who got off the boat was tying the stern to a hook well behind the boat. After he finished tying the first knot he went to the bow of the ship and tied the line well beyond the front of the ship as well. “No! You never do that! Never! Always Bow to Stern, Bow to Stern. These kids don’t even know what they’re doing.” I have to admit I had no clue either but Harry picked up on that; because he then turned to me and said “You know why you always tie it Bow to Stern? In a criss cross pattern?” I shook my head no. “It’s because when the tides rise and fall it allows the boat to move with them. The way they have it tied would sink the boat.” For some reason I felt it important to write this down in my notebook. Harry, loved that someone was paying attention to him and what’s more actually listening. Sometimes that is all people need is someone to actually listen and acknowledge their existence. “Hey why don’t we go to the end of the pier and see what they’re catching.” As we headed down to the end of the pier Harry looked up at me with his toothless smile said “Hey, I got an idea give me a something I can convince these people about.” I found the idea intriguing, this man was getting more and more interesting. Quickly I tried to think of a subject without being too un-arming to these poor fishermen.

“A dog; you lost your dog.” Harry looked up cracked a smile again and nodded his head.

“Yeah.. I lost my dog, I lost my talking dog. Hey, does that guy have a cigarette? Excuse me… Excuse me sir, do you happen to have any cigarettes?” Looking back at how he got this gentleman’s attention was quite brilliant. Bait the man with one subject only to switch later.

“Hey Yuh but yuh gotta rollem yerself.” The man wasn’t the most well kept individual. He was a simple hardworking fellow.

“That’s fine I got papers!” Harry pulled out a small packet of cigarette papers and handed them to the fisherman.

“Cripes, what happened to your leg buddy.”

“Shark bite. It attacked me off the coast of Florida.”

“Shit! That’s gotta hurt.” Harry, perhaps intentionally or subconsciously grabbed his leg and turned it. He held at the bandage for a while.

“Yeah it kills, but mark my words Ima get that shark that did this to me. But I’ve killed so many of the buggers in my life I can’t say as I really blame ’em.”

“That’s some karma fer ya.” I was amazed by this whole transaction of words. The conversation seemed quite surreal. The fisherman handed Harry the rolled up cigarette.

“What you got in the bucket? Catch anything?”

“Oh yeeah, Got some Mackerrull. I’m getting ready to head out. Hey either of yas want some fruit punch?”

“No, thanks I’m all set.” I said. Harry just looked at him for a moment.

“Hey, we’re actually looking for my dog have you seen him? He’s a talking dog.”

“What? Are you serious, no way your not shittin’ me? What does he look like? What kind of dog is he?” Harry was caught off guard, and I couldn’t let our ruse fall so quickly after this guy started to believe us.

“Jack Russell actually.” The fisherman’s eyes lit up in shock. My guess had paid off.

“Short little dog brown with black spots?” He was sizing the dog with his hands. Harry nodded.

“Yeah, that’s it.”

“Kind of curly hair.”

“Yes, he’s got a wire coat.”

“I saw him earlier today on my way down here. What’s his name in case I see him again. I can grab him and bring him back.” I didn’t want him to take someone else’s dog nor did I want to steal Harry’s thunder.

You could tell Harry was trying to think of a name and then he has an idea “Raymond Brown his name’s Raymond Brown.” The fisherman gave us a bewildered look.

“No what’s his nick name, if i gotta git him what do I call em?”

“Raymond Brown”

“Nah. No, no, he’s gotta have a nickname what is it.” Harry was starting to lose him, he was catching on to the game. I had to interrupt

“He’s a smart dog you don’t need to grab him he’ll come back to us. Always does.”

“Nick, his name’s nick.” What an ass Harry was and clever at the same time. Of course the dog’s nick name was nick. Why didn’t I think of that.

“Ok, so if I see this dog I don’t wantem to run away so I’ll callem Nick.” I really didn’t want this guy catching someone else’s dog and bringing it to us.

“Oh, you don’t need to catch him he’ll be back he’s fine.”

“Yeah, he’ll probably catch a cab or something. Hell, the dog’s smarter than me.”

“Well if this dog can talk, I think I’ll keep him if I get him and make a ton of money on star search.” We all laughed at the idea. “Ok. well I’ll see you guys later.” With that the fisherman left. After he left I glanced over to Harry. Some what amazed that this guy left fully believing that we had lost a talking dog. It is one thing to know how to convince and manipulate someone’s thoughts it is another to be successful. I looked back to Harry,

“See, he believed us. It’s because people love stories. They love to be part of your world. I’m a writer I create environments for people and take them there. They want to believe because their lives suck.” I couldn’t of said it any better myself, Harry applied what he has observed in this world and used it to his advantage.

* “Part 2”:
* “Part 3”:

Destiny Versus Free Will

What defines us? Our experiences, and environment contribute to what make us who we are today. But, what of those influences are divine, or our own making? Depending on who you ask you will get a different answer. So, where does the line between Free Will and Destiny, begin?


Free Will on the most basic level is our ability to make decisions. What choices shall we make this day? From the moment we wake up we are offered choices and given different problems to solve. What shall I eat for breakfast? Shall I sleep another five minutes? All those choices elude not only to our ability to lead our lives but to step aside and learn what influences our choices. It is often a daunting task to think that we are responsible for all of our faculties in life. However, we are not responsible. We did not choose where we were born, or who weaved the clothes we wear. We can partially influence some choices but not all.

When I step outside this influence I can see that there may be more than simple random influence. The behavior of man and woman is predictable. We all have needs, food, sleep, shelter, love, sex, money. This is what motivates us all. Knowing this we can change the course of any individual and seemingly remove their free will. If you play upon an alcoholic’s desire for drink, you can control what he does and when he does it. Would this then be destiny? No, this would be another exercising their will to influence the will of another.

At what point does man’s influence and will become destiny? Can it become destiny? What is destiny then? Destiny would be the immovable forces driving us to the same point no matter what our influence. Some could also call this divine mandate. I say it depends on how you look at it and what is influencing you. It would be possible then to take any conspiracy theory and focus it on an individual’s life. It could be argued that there is one special person out there whose birth was preordained. Not, by any divine right, but by human influence. Give someone or a group of someones enough money and power and they very well can architect the direction of a life.

This life could be controlled right to the moment a person woke up and used the bathroom. The environment becomes a controlled factor, the external influences become a controlled factor. The individual becomes a puppet of their external forces, and yet at our very core this feels like we can fight this. This is when the nature of man is taken into consideration. What is the underlying personality of this person? Are they rebellious? Are they gluttonous, are they lazy? etc. Once, this is determined, and it can be found early on in a life then the architecture around the individual can be built. We know like the alcoholic what their weaknesses and strengths may be. The alcoholic desires only the drink, the buzz, the relief. But, this desire and compulsion is a great strength. If turned inwardly they could reverse their compulsions and that addiction becomes an exercise of will.

The will is what separates us from our external influences. If a human can be controlled by other humans, what of divine providence, or destiny? Could this controlled human’s path not be part of a greater whole? Yes, it could be this person becomes President of the USA some day. What if they don’t want that? What if all this person ever wanted to do was paint? A painter’s need to paint is like the alcoholic’s need for drink, they are both strong and their desire can be overwhelming. How then is this destiny or free will? Destiny is the controlled path or compulsion of man. The thing they love to do more than anything that drives them from point A to point B. Free will then is man’s choice to be able to recognize this compulsion and overcome it, whether it be painting or drinking. If man can architect the will and future of his fellow humans then what are the outside influences that could be divinely influenced as destiny.

Destiny and Free Will then would both be defined as our ability to exercise the decision making process. We can choose. At any point there is a way to go back or turn around. A hurricane blows, we can choose to wait in its path or try to move. Then knowing what our choice may be a future can be foretold. Cause and effect if you will. Man’s free will is his will, his faith is his will, and destiny is his faith externalized. Much like a clock has many moving gears all fulfilling one beautiful succinct purpose so to do we all have our purpose. One by one we are to exercise our will and by exercising our will we can fulfill our destiny. Destiny = Free Will, Free Will = Destiny.

Following the Divine Path

We all have questions for ourselves, it is inevitable. It is these questions that drive and motivate us. For me the question was what do I do with This Website. It had been a question I have battled with for a long time. Many years ago I tried to sell then backed down. Then the site entered a dark period, with occasional visits from me to brighten it up. This year I finally acquired the last piece to the puzzle.


Excommunicate dot com

This matches the rest in the set of .net and .org. But it came at a great financial cost. This would have been fine had I still the passion and desire to update the site. I didn’t. At least not for most of the year. I hemmed and hawed should I sell it, let all this time, effort, energy, go? I almost put the site up for auction. A little voice inside me told me to wait.

I picked up a copy of Paramahansa Yogananda’s book Autobiography of a Yogi. It had been 7 years since I had started reading it. So I jumped in somewhere at the beginning again. I became engrossed with the book. I had more and more questions, I started to meditate again.

Then it happened, my purpose, and sense of direction changed. I had focus again, I had will power, and more importantly I had divine guidance. I sold all of my occult paraphernalia, books, pendants, talismans, spiritually possessed items, everything. The only thing that remained was this site. I waited. One month, three months, six months then I heard an answer deep in meditation. As in I literally heard a voice speak to me. It said

“Keep the site. It is a gift from God while you are here. It is to be your voice and a guiding light to others.”

So to the 75 people I know will get this update thank you for waiting, and to the 20 that actually read it thank you! This marks the start of what will be a new beginning.