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Nazi persecution of the Freemasons

The Jewish people were not the only ones to be executed by the Nazis. There were several groups to be persecuted of those were also Gypsies, homosexuals, and Freemasons. The Nazi’s are mostly infamous for their atrocities against humanity. As we have recently been researching, they also had a penchant for the Occult. With entire departments and sub-organizations of the Nazi’s dedicated to dabbling with the Occult; it is a bit odd that they would choose to obliterate the Freemasons as well.


However the sect of the Occult the Nazis pursued was not in line with what the Freemasons, Jews, and even the Gypsies practiced. The Nazis sought to learn other arts such as clairvoyance, telekinesis, dousing, and many Germanic pagan rituals. More in particular the Nazis integrated Nordic magic and mysticism into the third reich. The Nazis taught the “runes”: in their youth groups and to every Nazi. The SS even integrated it in their insignia garnered on their shoulders.

Could it be then that because the Nazis were so steeped in the occult that they didn’t just consider those persecuted as inferior but actually feared them? With the persecution of the Jews would go with one of the most ancient of mysticisms; the Cabbala. The Freemasons were believed by the Nazis to be servants of the Jews and therefore must be dealt with accordingly. In 1933 when Hitler came to power he met with Grand Master von Heeringen of the Grand Lodge of Germany and told him that there was no place for Freemasonry in Germany. Prior to that in 1921 Stalin finished his removal of the Freemasons in Italy.

A look into Freemasonry; Freemasons and their Masonic ritual share a great deal with Hermetic mysticism. In fact most of their rites are taken from the Jewish Cabala. Freemasonry itself was based upon the temple and functions of one of the most famous Jews King Solomon. It was King Solomon who also had control over the 72 djinn or as we know them demons. The temples of the Masons are even filled with Hebrew characters upon walls and even adorning Masonic ornament. Did Hitler and his cohorts hold the Masons in such negative appeal because of this knowledge? I would have no doubt that they did. Hitler even went to the extent to have every lodge pilfered and all of its occult paraphernalia was taken by either the Thule or the SS for further investigation.

You see it is my belief that Hitler feared the Freemasons because he felt that as a world organization the Freemasons were one of few organized groups that could actually overthrow the Nazis. This fear alone would be enough for Hitler and the Nazis to persecute all men and women associated with the Masons. World War 2 and Hitler’s reign ended in 1945 by the main military forces of the United States.

Hitler could not believe anyone would dare challenge his regime let alone see the day of its fall. It will be interesting for our readers to know that presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman were both high ranking Freemasons. It could be a coincidence but considering both the Nazis dubious dealings and the brotherhood of the Freemasons I doubt it; do you?

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