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Magick is not always what you expect

Recently, I decided I needed to do some more exercise, so I thought it would be a good idea to create a little mnemonic device. The device of course was a “simple sigil”: The purpose of the sigil was an easy one, physically fit. Every time before I’d do any exercise I’d look at it. Let the subconscious program take effect and exercise.

There is always and unexpected turn when dealing with any magick. One I had forgotten for quite some time since I have been on the straight and narrow. The challenging thing about magick is you must be very very specific otherwise bizarre unexpected occurrences will happen.

About a week had gone by since I created this sigil and I get a call from a friend. He needed help moving. Sure, I thought it wont take long. I get over there and of all the luck the elevator was out on the fourth floor. This resulted in us moving many a heavy piece of furniture down several flights of stairs. At the end of a sore day i got back and glanced at the sigil. I shook my head, was it the sigil’s magick, or coincidence that I had to move my friend? I did not think much of it and a couple of weeks passed on.

Unexpectedly, the toilet above my own home had exploded and down came the torrential waterfall of sewage. This resulted in spending several hours moving furniture and cleaning dishes. Coincidentally, this even was the catalyst for me to move to a new home. With dishes packed I started my move the next day. Unlike previous moves help carrying furniture, moving boxes, was sporadic and curt at best. Finally, I had assistance moving into the new building. Once again, though an elevator was broken. We carried furniture up five flights of stairs.

What does moving furniture have to do with sigil magick though? It has been my experience, that despite your intentions, and this has applied to all forms of the arcane, you cannot predict the results of how the spell will work. Need money? Be sure you aren’t on anyone’s will or it could mean their untimely end. If you choose to practice magick, be aware of the consequences, because they are never what they seem.

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