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Lesson 7 in Gnosticism: The Infra-Dimensions

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts. This is the last of the lessons, as the remaining ones were damaged beyond repair.


In the last lecture we talked a little about Involution. The Involution takes place in the Infra-dimensions, also called Inferno or Hell (Infra/Inferior = lower). There are nine different Infra-dimensions, and they are located inside our planet only. Every planet has its own Infra-dimensions. In the Infra-dimensions we find, among other things, the psychology of beings who have lived all their 108 human existences without eliminating their Egos. They have no remaining free Essence, and could be called “Empty houses”. These beings are made aware of evil, and so they know exactly why they are there.
All the Higher Dimensions are located everywhere in the universe,
without getting mixed with each other. This is possible due to their different “density”. The nine Infra-dimensions however, are located in LAYERS, they do not exist “on top” of each-other like the Higher dimensions. Just below the surface of our planet we find the first Infra-dimension, also called Limbus. Of course we cannot drill a hole in the Earth and expect to find Limbus there, it is located in another dimension, it is a part of the Astral world. And so we can easily visit the Infra-dimensions by Astral projecting, and once we are in the Astral world (with awareness) just go down through the ground. There we will find the first Infra-dimension, Limbus. Know that it is not a pleasant place, but we could visit it to gain wisdom. If we proceed even lower towards the center of the Earth, we will find the second Infra-dimenion and so on. So inside Earth we find these three aspects:

1. Stone, lava, fire, water (the physical world)

2. Infra-dimensions (also called, The Dantic circles (Dantic = Dante
Alighieri; read the “The Divine Comedy”. Dante visits all of the
Infra-dimensions and describes them all in this book))

3. The Higher dimensions (which exist everywhere in the Universe)

There are 3 different ways to visit the Infra-dimensions:

1. One is going through the Involution.

2. One is unaware, i.e. one has nightmares. If we f.ex. eat too much before we go to sleep, or we suffer from fever etc. we can have a nightmare. A nightmare is an unaware visit to the Infra-dimensions, just as a dream is an unaware visit in the ordinary Astral world. Just from this we can see that the Inferno is not a nice place.

3. With awareness, i.e. one visits the Astral world (by doing the
exercise Astral projection), and simply moving down trough the
earth. Know that this is not dangerous, just unpleasant.

In an earlier lecture we talked about that the Physical world has 48
laws, such as gravity, and that the laws get fewer when we rise trough the dimension. (The Astral world has 24 laws)With the Infra-dimensions it goes the other way. The first Infra-dimension, Limbus, has 96 laws, the second Infra-dimension has (2*96=) 192 laws, the third has (3*96=) 288 laws and so on. As we proceed lower in the Inferno, things get heavier and slower, with more and more restrictions. The ninth, and lowest Infra-dimension, which is located in the center of the Earth, has 864 laws, and so is very restricted.

People who have lived their 108 lives without eliminating their egos
will have to go trough the Involution, thus going trough all the
Infra-dimensions. The Involution eliminates the egos in a mechanical way, and at the same time gives motivation to the Essence to eliminate the egos by itself in the next Evolutive period.When first entering the Involution one starts in the first Infra-dimension, Limbus. After some time, they enter the second Infra-dimension, and after some more time proceeding to the third circle and so on. Going trough the entire Involution, as mentioned in the last lecture, is a very long and painful process. Note that the egos are eliminated in the end of the 8:th and the entire 9:th infra-dimension only. When entering the Involution there is a possibility to regret, and to start eliminating the egos by oneself, but this is hard and very rare.It is required to have a physical body when going trough the Involution. First, one starts out as an involutive human, then an involutive animal, next an i. plant, and finally an i. mineral. Rats, pigs and some dogs are
examples of involutive animals whose psychology is in the Infra-dimensions. I believe meat-eating plants and radioactive minerals are involutive as well.

People who have lived a “normal” egoistic life and are between
existences (i.e. they do not possess a physical body) and have not yet lived their 108 existences, live in the first Infra-dimension, Limbus. There they live until a new physical body is prepared for them. Note that they do not proceed down trough the infra-dimensions, but visit Limbus only.

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