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Lesson 6 in Gnosticism: The Enchantations

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts.

As we proceed on the Inner path we will face those who wish to stop us from becoming self-realized. They are called Black Magicians, Demons or Devils. Normally, they do not attack someone until we have awakened the Kundalini force, the Holy Fire that is the force of Good.The purpose of the attacks can often be to scare us so that we stop the Inner work. It is said that when one awakens the Kundalini-force he/she will meet a Black Magician of the opposite sex that will try to make one spill the sexual energies. If this happens one will fall, the Kundalini force will drop and become the Kundartiguador-organ, or “Satan’s tail”, the force of evil. Here we can see that if one wants to go on the path of self-realization it is absolutely necessary NOT to spill the sexual energies, under any circumstances. Black Magicians can also try to attack the physical body while we are in the Astral world, i.e. while our body is sleeping.

Today we will learn an Enchantment that works like an atomic bomb against any negative being. It does not harm the negative being, but simply blasts it far away. It can only be used for defensive purposes.We will also learn to create a “Magic circle” that protects the area we have cleansed with the Incantation. Then the negative being can’t come back when the effect of the Enchantment has disappeared.

*The incantation JUPITER:*
Stand up firmly on the ground, like a soldier. Place the left hand on the esoteric Solar plexus, i.e. on the Belly button and 1-2 centimeters up. This is for protection. Raise your right arm, and hold it in front of you, just as if you where pointing with the whole arm at something in front of you, but with the fist closed. Then unfold the thumb, the index- and middle finger, like a victory-sign + the thumb. Now it should be like you’re pointing at something in front of you with the thumb and the next two fingers. Imagine fire blasting out of these three fingers while you say (with
FORCE and confidence):




(in “TE VIGOS COSILIM” the O’s are pronounced as ‘o’ in the word ‘boring’, The ‘C’ in ‘Coslim’ is pronounced as a ‘K’.)

All incantations are said 3 times, like it is written above. Remember to imagine fire coming out of the three fingers while you say it. For best result it should be said out loud, but it can also be said mentally. No being of negative intention can withstand the force of this incantation, it will instantly be thrown far away. The enchantment has visible effect in the non-physical worlds only. When we have said the Incantation many times and learned it, there is a risk that we might say the Incantation mechanically, that is, it is said by an ego/egos. To work against this we should always be concentrated on what we perform, and when we learn Self-observation we must always practice this to be aware, and keep the egos from manifesting.

The effect of the Incantation will wear off after some time so
therefore we will also learn to create a Magic Circle to protect the area that we have cleansed. The Magic Circle will last until a physical object breaks it. An example: we say the incantation Jupiter and then create the Magic Circle around our bedroom. If we wake up at night and we go to the bathroom, which is located in another room, we will break the circle. We then have to say the incantation Jupiter again and create a new Magic Circle. If one has house-animals one would do best in making the Magic Circle around the entire house/flat whatever.

*The Magic Circle:*
There is no special stance like with Jupiter required to make the Magic Circle. We could say the Jupiter incantation, go to bed, and then make the Magic Circle. We do not have the power over the elements that is required to make the Magic Circle, so we have to beg our divine Father to make it. In reality we beg our divine Father that he orders our elemental middle-hand to create the Magic Circle for us. We could beg like this:

bq. “My divine Father, I beg you of my soul and my heart, that you order my elemental middle-hand to make a Magic Circle around my bed/room/flat/house.

bq. My divine Father, I beg you of my soul and my heart, that you order my elemental middle-hand to make a Magic Circle around my bed/room/flat/house.

bq. My divine Father, I beg you of my soul and my heart, that you order my elemental middle-hand to make a Magic Circle around my bed/room/flat/house.”

(It is not required to use these exact words. However, as always, we should mean what we beg for, so we must not beg mechanically.)

When we have begged 3 times, just as above, we imagine a 10-year-old boy(the middle-hand) that creates the magic circle around the place we intended. The Magic Circle is imagined in a transparent green color. The Magic Circle is made out of the four elements Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

The Circle doesn’t keep all beings out, only those with negative
intentions. Not even if the entire Black Lodge attacked this circle, could they break it.

When we go to bed every night we should use the incantation Jupiter and afterwards make the Magic Circle. We should also use it before we perform any exercises, such as Concentration and Meditation, which we will learn later. This is, of course, for protection and for learning them.

It is always good to know these incantations without having to think about them. F.ex. when we visit the Astral world we might be attacked by a negative being. We could then use the incantation Jupiter against it, and it will be thrown away. Sometimes the negative being will do something to us, so that we cannot speak and say the incantation out loud. Then we just say it mentally instead. If we for some reason don’t remember the incantation, we could call out for f.ex. Master Samael aun Weor or Master Rabolú to come and help us.

Sometimes we might encounter a being which we cannot decide whether it has good or bad intentions. Also here we could use the incantation Jupiter to find out what we’re facing. If it is a Master, there will be no effect, and he will probably just smile at us. And don’t worry, he wont be upset! 🙂 If it is a Demon he WILL be upset because he is about to be thrown away.

During our every-night unaware visits to the Astral world we might
suddenly become aware. And since our egos go to negative places we might find ourselves in a Black temple. Here it is probably not so wise to use the incantation Jupiter, instead we could act normal and take advantage of the situation and learn something about what goes on in these dark places. Never fear. Of course this is easier said than done, but Fear is just another ego that can be eliminated.


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