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Lesson 5 in Gnosticism: The Dimensions

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts.

Today we will talk about some of the different dimensions that exist in the universe. The dimensions exist everywhere at the same time, without getting mixed. They are of different “density” with the Physical dimension having the biggest density, the crudest matter. All of the dimensions can be visited using special techniques. This subject is only trying to give a brief overlook, so details will be skipped.

1. The Physical world. It is called the third dimension, because it
is the base of the three dimensions, Length, Height and Width.
There are 48 different divine Laws that control every physical
object, such as gravity and distance.

2. The Vital world. Time has its base in this dimension. If we look
at the famous Bermuda Triangle, it is to this dimension the
missing objects and people go. Flying is possible there, so one
could take the physical body up in the Vital dimension, and there
transport the physical body great distances, and then finally
return to the physical world, on a totally different place. This
is a popular way of transport by Black Magicians, or Black Jinas.
From this comes the old “Witches can fly”. However, White Jinas
use this method as well. There is a higher and a lower part of the
Vital world. Normally the lower part is visited. There are 36
divine Laws that control this dimension.

3. The Astral world and The Mental world. The fifth dimension consists
of two different worlds, the Astral world and the Mental world,
which both have a high and a low aspect.
We visit the low aspect of the Astral world every night. Masters,
temples and other higher beings reside in the high parts of this
dimension. The Astral world has to do with feelings and symbols,
and the Mental world with thoughts and the intellect. There are 24
laws controlling this dimension. Gravity, time, distance, and
other laws do not exist here, therefore it is possible to go
anywhere, and anytime, as quick as one can think.

4. The Buddhic world and The Causal world. The sixth dimension also
holds two different worlds, the Buddhic and the Causal worlds. No
normal Egos, “I”s, or psychological defects can go higher than the
fifth dimension, however here reside the “Causal Egos”, the seeds
to the full-blown egos we have today.
The Causal world is also the world of “Cause – Consequence” or
the home of Karma. One can visit one of these higher worlds by
using the technique “Meditation” which we will discuss later.
There are even fewer laws that control this dimension.

5. The Atmic world. The seventh dimension is the home of our Inner
Being, or our personal monade and our Inner Father. The monade, or
the Inner Being can be incarnated in us, when we do this we become
masters. Atman = Inner Father. We all have our personal divine
Father + Mother and Inner Being or monade.

It is very hard, if not impossible, to describe the sixth and seven
dimension (also called the electronic worlds), since they are very
different and very non-physical. They must be experienced in order to understand them.


The saying from the Bible “God created man in his own image” and the Hermetic axiom “As above, so below” points to the fact that all living creatures are copies of “God”, or that which is divine. The dimensions which we talked about last time actually are the bodies of “God”, and it is in the bodies of “God” or the dimensions in which we live. Our being is a small copy of the entire universe. So where are the similarities between the dimensions, and us?

Dimension (or body of “God”) and Our aspect of this dimension

The Physical world
The Physical body, which is a small copy of the physical dimension.

The Vital world
The Vital body. The battery to the Physical body, and the seat of time. Also a small copy of the Vital world.

The Astral world
Normally we do not possess a “true copy” of the Astral world, also called a solar Astral body. To create the solar Astral body one has to practice the first factor, Birth, i.e. practice white tantrism, which is also called sexual alchemy. Our only aspect of the Astral world that we possess are the emotional aspects of the psychological defects. The defects form a sort of body when we visit the Astral world, and it is called “the lunar Astral body”. This may sound confusing, but the important thing to see here is that we do not possess a real Astral body, which is needed to f.ex. visit the higher part of the Astral world.

The Mental world
Here it is the same as with the Astral body. We do not possess a solar Mental body, so we should create it by practicing sexual alchemy. Our aspect of the Mental world are the Intellectual aspects of the psychological defects.

The Causal world
Our aspect of the Causal world is now the Essence only. However, it is weak since it is almost entirely encapsulated within the egos. The true aspect for us should be to have a solar Causal body. This body is created in the same way as with the others, by practicing the second factor, Birth, which we have not talked about yet.

The Buddhic world
Our aspect of the Buddhic world is a Buddhic atom from our Inner Being. The Buddhic world is the world of intuition. However, the goal is to have a real copy of the Buddhic world, which is the solar Buddhic body, created by practicing Birth.

The Atmic world
We have only an atom of our Inner Father. We should create the solar Atmic body.

There are two important things to see here. The first is that we are
incomplete beings. The second thing is that we can see the logic behind “Know thyself, and thou shall know the universe”. So, if we want to understand the entire universe we should learn to look inside and know ourselves. This is what self-observation is about.

The next lesson will teach us practical techniques to protect ourselves from negative beings.

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