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Lesson 4 in Gnosticism: Consciousness and the Self

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts.

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The work that one must do to become self-realized, can be summarized by the three factors, Death, Birth and Sacrifice for Mankind. It is not enough to work with one factor, or even two factors. To be successful one must perform them all.

1. DEATH is the name of the work of eliminating the Egos so that we can liberate our captured essence. “One must die to be born again”

2. BIRTH is the name of working with Sexual Alchemy. The Practice of White Tantrism to create the higher “Solar Bodies”. This is practiced with the same partner throughout a life-time, and it is essential that it is a partner of the opposite sex. White Tantra is a specific form of sexual intercourse without spilling the sexual energies (i.e. having orgasm).

3. SACRIFICE FOR MANKIND is there because we mustn’t be egoistic in our work. If we keep that which we have learned (by experience) to ourselves we cannot become self-realized. The Third Factor tells us that we must offer, not preach, to others what we know. We must never break the law of the free will. It is of course absolutely essential that we do not charge money for any of this. No true teachers have ever taken money for what they teach.


This subject is for us to better understand how the Essence and the Egos manifest themselves through our body. There are seven different centers in the human body, all working with their own specific energy, and dealing with specific aspects of our life. The centers are:

  • The Intellectual center. We use it when dealing with words, thoughts, reading, writing, counting, remembering etc. In short, all mental activities related to the physical world. This center is located where the brain is. It is the slowest working center in the body.
  • The Motorical center. All physical movement, f.ex. walking, biking and even (physical)talking. Habits, like smoking or doing the dishes. This center is in the highest part of the spine. It is quicker than the Intellectual center.
  • The Emotional center. This center deals with all feelings and emotions. It is located in the region of the heart and solar plexus. It is the second fastest center, and therefore can be hard to monitor. The Intellectual center and the Emotional center tend to work together.
  • The Instinctive center. Everything that works in the body without having to think about it, such as heartbeat, respiration, digestion. This center is in the lowest part of the spine. It is as quick as the motorical center, with which it often works together.
  • The Sexual center. Sexual Impulses. This center is the quickest of them all, and it works with the finest energies. This is the center of vitality, for with lack of the sexual energies our body would be constantly tired, and it could not repair itself when damaged etc. The energy in the Sexual center is the only energy powerful enough to create new life. It is also this energy that is used when creating the solar bodies, when performing the second factor, Birth.

Finally there is the Higher Emotional Center and the Higher Intellectual Center. These centers are inactive in a normal person, but are activated when the Solar Astral body (for the Emotional Center) and the Solar Mental body (for the Intellectual Center) are created trough the Second Factor, Birth. More of this in a later subject.

So, now we know where to look for the defects. They can manifest themselves as thoughts, feelings, physical movement, instincts and sexual impulses. They cannot use the two higher centers. Every psychological defect has its own unique way of thinking, and it’s own distinctive “taste”.

When the Psychological defects keep manifesting themselves in our body as thoughts, feelings, etc.(as they always do), they burn a lot of energy in the respective centers, they waste energy. This cause the centers to run out of energy, out of fuel. Flex. when the Motorical centre is empty of energy because the energy is wasted by the Psychological defects, and we desperately need to walk up some stairs, the Motorical center needs fuel from somewhere. So the Motorical center begins to steal energy from another center, f.ex. the Emotional center, since this center uses finer energies, which are easier to use than the rougher Intellectual energies. So the Motorical Center begins to work with Emotional Energies. This is like using led-gas in a car that requires led-free gas. It works, but it doesn’t work as it is supposed to. This abuse, and the Egos constant activity finally cause the Emotional Center to run out of energy too. And since it needs energy it begins to steal it from a finer center, The Sexual center, and so on. The effect of all this is a body out of balance. The centers don’t work with their own energies anymore, and since the vital Sexual energies are stolen by other centers we do not have the physical and psychological stamina one should have. It is impossible to practice the second factor, Birth, if one does not have a body that is in balance. To begin to create balance we need to keep the egos from manifesting themselves as freely as they do. This is done by making the Essence manifest itself trough the centers instead of the egos, and by practicing the first factor, Death. The way to make the Essence manifest itself trough these centers is by using self-observation. Self-observation is a specific subject that will be dealt with later.

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