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Lesson 3 in Gnosticism: Astral Projection

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts.


What really happens with us when we sleep at night? Scientists have tried to explain the mystery of dreams, why we have to sleep etc. So let’s see what the Gnostic view is.

When the physical body is sleeping at night our psychology leaves the physical world, and enters the Astral world. We all visit this Astral world every night, but we are unaware of it. At a first aware glance the physical and the astral world look identical, since there in the astral world is a copy of every physical object in the universe. But in the Astral world there are not as many restrictions as in the physical world. There is no time, no gravity, no distance and so on.

The physical body needs to sleep in order for it to be recharged by our vital body. If we did not sleep our physical body would die in a week.Dreams are fantasies from our egos that are projected in front of our eyes so that we cannot see the real Astral world. What we see at night when the physical body is sleeping is nothing real it is purely fantasy. One might ask why do we suddenly start to fantasize when we leave our body? The answer is: We don’t! We fantasize constantly, even in the daytime.

But we are not even aware of this since our consciousness is sleeping. When we learn the technique called self-observation we can start to look inside and see that our mind is constantly occupied with something.

An example: It is an ordinary day in the physical world. A regular
person walks down a road. He thinks about this and that, what happened at work, what he is going to wear tomorrow at that big party etc. etc? Nothing weird there. Now, let’s see what happens if the same thing occurs in the astral world. As soon as the person starts to think about what happened at work he will actually start to see all the things he fantasizes about. Since he is unaware, he cannot see the difference between what is real and what is fantasy, and since he fantasizes about what happened at work, he will actually believe that he is at work doing the things he usually do there. All this is hard to explain, but it is easy to understand once we have an aware Astral experience. So how do we become aware in the astral world?

The whole trick here is to stop the mind from thinking and fantasizing constantly. This is not as easy at it might sound. In order to see that our mind is like a beehive we could sit down in a chair and relax. Then we should try to not think about anything. Try it, and you’ll know what I mean.

To attain awareness in the astral world we should make our physical body fall asleep, while we are aware. This can be done like this:

*Exercise for (aware) Astral Projection*
1) Lie down in the dead-man-position.

2) Relax good. It is important to not move the physical body during the whole exercise. We are trying to make the body fall asleep, and if we move a limb it will wake up again. Relaxation helps so that the body doesn’t feel weird if we lie in the same position for a long time.

3) Pray for help with what we’re trying to do.

4) Concentrate on the heart and it’s beat. If you want you can imagine the blood being pumped trough the chambers. The main thing here is to keep concentrating on ONE object all the time, thus keeping the egos from starting to fantasize. It is important to keep concentrating on the heart. If we loose focus and our mind starts to wander, we cannot achieve an aware Astral projection.

Just keep concentrating, and the body will eventually fall asleep. A sign of the body falling asleep, is a feeling of numbness in the limbs. It is not a question of time before this happens, it might take many hours in the beginning. Be patient.

There are a couple of signs that tell us that the physical body is falling asleep and we’re close to leaving our body:

– an electric feeling moving trough the legs and body.

– a high pitch humming noise, this is the sound of the physical brain, nothing dangerous.

– sounds of many chattering voices. These are the voices of our egos, and also nothing dangerous.

– sounds of music etc.

When we see any of these signs we could help the process by trying to get out of the bed. Now look in the bed. If we see our physical body still lying in bed, we’re in the astral world. If the bed is empty, we are still in the physical world, that is, we got up too early. Then we have to lie down and try again. Of course the ability to concentrate and to keep concentrating on one object is something that has to be practiced in order to be improved. Don’t expect it to work in the beginning.

There is no need to fear that we cannot find back to our physical body once we start to travel in the astral world, since there is a connection between ourselves and the physical body. This connection is called the silver-cord. This cord can be stretched almost infinite, and it automatically pulls us back to our physical body when we wake up.

So the biggest problem when astral projecting is not to find back to
the physical body, but to stay aware once we are in the Astral world. When the mind starts to think about things again, we will start to fall asleep again and start to dream. When we learn to practice self-observation, staying aware will become easier.

Also, if we have strong emotions in the astral world, f.ex. Ecstatic
happiness because we managed to do an aware astral projection, we will return to our physical body immediately. One can, however, to prevent this grab hold of any astral object. This prevents the silver-cord from pulling us back. So, what should we do once we’re aware in the astral world? Why is it so important to visit it?

In the astral world we can f.ex. visit The Karma Court or The Gnostic Church or many many other places. We can talk to all the other people who are aware in the astral world. Unfortunately it is not possible to communicate with those who are dreaming, they live in their own world. We could call out for Master Samael, Jesus Christ, Buddha, our divine Father or Mother, or many others and they would come to us. If someone comes up to us in the astral world, claiming that he is a master (in the bible non-physical masters are referred to as angels), we could see if he really is a master by asking him to show us his Sword of Fire. You see, the astral world is the world of symbols, and the Sword of Fire is the symbol of the Kundalini-force, or the Holy Fire. The Kundalini-force is a force that we can all awaken inside ourselves, right now it lies sleeping in the lowest part of the spinal cord. However, if he shows us a rusty or a broken sword he is not a master. Every master has a Sword of Fire in the astral world. Time is not a limit, so we can travel into the future or the past and see what will/has happened? We can also see our past lives.

Since there is no gravity and distance in the astral world, we can fly when we’re there. And if we want to go to a particular place all we have to do is to want to go there, and we will be there in an instant. Also we could beg our divine Father to take us to a place, and he will take us there. We could even visit other planets if we want.

Remember that it is not dangerous to travel in the astral world. We
visit the astral world every night, and we do many weird things there. Things will not become more dangerous because we are aware of what were doing.


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