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Lesson 2 in Gnosticism

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts.

Let’s talk a little about our psychology.

The one only thing we have in our psychology that is divine is called the essence. The essence represents the light, truth, objectiveness, awareness, consciousness, the revolutionary, the good force. Then we have the egos or psychological defects. They represent the darkness, the false, subjectiveness, unconsciousness, the mechanical, the evil force. We have one essence and many egos. Some calls the egos in one persons mind “the legion”. Every ego has a little piece of the essence encapsulated within itself, and this is how the ego gets its energy. The people who claim to know say that generally a normal person has 3% remaining free essence, and 97% psychological defects. This explains a lot about our society today. As we will come to see, the egos are controlling us all the time, we are like puppets. They constantly manifest themselves trough our body as thoughts and feelings etc., while the essence is inactive, sleeping. Later we will learn a totally practical technique for activating the essence so that we can observe this properly for ourselves. We will also learn techniques for eliminating the egos so that we can liberate the 97% captured essence.


In our western society today the physical death is a big mystery.
However, it is not impossible to find out what death really is. Until we reach that point when we are able to investigate these matters for ourselves, we could temporarily use this brief hypothetical explanation; this is the Gnostic view of those who claim to know.

Death is not the end of life; it is only the end of our physical body,
the vehicle we use to be able to live and manifest ourselves in the
physical world. As with everything else in the physical world the physical body ages and finally becomes useless and dies. The consciousness or the Essence, which is immortal, keeps on living.
The first world we enter when our physical body dies is the same world we enter when the physical body sleeps at night. This world is called the Astral world. We spend some time here or in a higher dimension until our Essence is re-connected to a male spermatozoon, which fuses with a female ovum (egg), and a new physical existence is prepared. This is the normal cyclus of life for those who live in the physical world.

We have another body, the vital body, which is closely bond together with the physical body. The Vital body works like a battery that recharges the physical body during sleep. Some people can see this vital body like a faint light around the physical body. When death occurs the vital body also dies together with the physical.

The third thing that dies when we “die” is our personality. It does not die immediately like the physical and vital bodies, but may take many years to dissolve. The personality is an energy-form and not a body. When one use mediums to connect with dead people they usually get contact with the personality, not the Essence that is somewhere else.

Just as the personality and the physical and vital bodies dies, there
are a few things that does not die, these are the things that go from one existence to another. The Essence keeps on living, since it is immortal. Our psychological defects, or egos, keep on living too. The egos need a form of vehicle to manifest themselves through our body, this is the personality. And since the personality is created during the first seven years in our new body, there are no egos in newborn babies. This is why they look and are so innocent. As we grow up, the egos will start to manifest themselves.

What dies when physical death occurs:

* Physical body
* Vital body
* Personality

What does NOT die when physical death occurs:
* Free Essence (normally 3%)
* Egos (97% captured Essence)

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