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Learn from the mistakes of others

I looked on and saw him flip the shot-glass upside down and put a penny on it. The man I could assume was an amateur magician of sorts, why else would he be performing tricks in a bar. He was an average looking fellow wearing a striped polo shirt, pre-worn jeans and a baseball cap. The music that was playing was so loud I could scarcely hear what he was saying.

He motioned to one of the girls watching. “Please, would you examine the glass and penny for me.” The girl raised an eyebrow, as if to say are you a fool I just saw you take a shot. However she did so she picked up the penny and shot glass and put them back.

“They’re real.” He nodded to her.

“Thank you, and now for the trick.” With a bit of sleight of hand he managed to roll his baseball cap off his head and over the shot-glass with the penny. “Now, will you please remove the hat.” The girl lifted the hat, and the penny and shot-glass were both still there. “Is the penny still on top of the shot-glass”.

“Yeah, it is…” One could tell the girl was getting irritated by him. He picked up his hat again gave it a twirl and put it back on top of the shot-glass. At this point I was starting to wonder what exactly the trick was. Was he trying to make the penny disappear, or maybe appear below the shot-glass? Again he removed the hat and asked her to look. The penny was still there as was the shot-glass both were undisturbed.

“Is the penny still on top of the shot-glass?” She just looked at him.

“Yes, yes it is.” It was at this point that he straightened his posture, put one hand on the table and and lifted his other hand in the air.

“Ah, but the penny is not on top of the shot-glass. It is and always has been on the bottom of it.” Words cannot describe the reactions of everyone near by. I had never seen anyone kicked out of a place for their shear foolishness.

The purpose of this account was not to share this man’s poor chicanery. Often times in our lives we feel that our knowledge has an edge over others. Or perhaps we can entertain someone with some anecdote. However it seems quite the contrary, I think it is best said with this

“Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.”

This is not to presume that any of you think you are better than another or are in any way naive. It seems to be a repeating pattern with every generation, that the ideas they have are their own. So before you proceed with any action, wether it be summoning a demon, or racing a car in illegal back street races. Please, consider the consequences and leave the now behind. What seems like a good idea at the time can turn awry quickly. Else you will be the magician whose drinks were literally on him.

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