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Kris Kuksi Interview

We here at Excommunicate.Net are proud to present an extremely talented artist. Some of you may have perhaps heard of him before, his name is Kris Kuksi and we were fortunate enough to get an interview with him. Kris has a master’s degree in fine art, and he has had his artwork featured in several international magazines. He has also won awards and acclaim for his work from Nebraska to Rome. Kris was born in Missouri on March 2nd 1973, but he grew up in Kansas. His family was not affluent as some artists’ families are but quite the opposite. He was raised by his mother and his father was nowhere to be found so as you can imagine he has very much had to forge his own path to get to where he is now.

Lust and Self Abuse

*JackDirt:When did you first start to make art, and what was the turning point in your life for you to actually become an artist?*
Kris Kulksi: I always did drawings as early as I could remember, so right from then I knew what I was going to be, an artist.

*JD: What does your art represent to you?*
KK: My art represents the aggression that I have within me. My feelings about society, relationships, religion, politics, etc. But also the love for those things of beauty and harmony.

*JD: What are your inspirations?*
KK: Visually, nature is the biggest inspiration, the symmetry, anatomy and designs of living and non-living forms. I’m also inspired by the visual interest in architecture, such as Baroque and Gothic structures, and industrial buildings such as refineries. As far as subjects, as I said earlier, mankind and the human experience.

*JD: Could you describe a little bit about your process?*
KK: When painting I use acrylic, with a systematic process of thin layer applications. Sculpture could be seen as done the same way, just different materials.

*JD: How has the creative process helped or hindered you?*
KK: It always helps, I am one who must produce work all the time. I get anxious if I am not creating art.

*JD: Every artist seems to have an inner drive to create. This drive is seen by some as beyond them. Do you ever get this feeling with your art? Do you feel like sometimes it is not you who creates the art but the art that creates you?*
KK: I believe it comes from within me, my mind, my hands, my fingertips.

*JD: In your biography you say you believe “not in the Devil but in demons in the mind that create the real Hell of mental anguish, suffering, and guilt which inevitably manifests the turmoil of humanity.” If the only hell you believe in is that of the human mind, then what are your religious or spiritual beliefs, and what role have these influences played in your life?*
KK: I have no religious beliefs but I am a very spiritual person. Hell as described in the bible is just like what exists in the world today, the human mind creates this world and humans are what keep it a reality. If we could see that all suffering is because of the bad beliefs and prejudices in our minds, the world would be different. Maybe I am here in this world to depict these feelings through my art.

*JD: The series you have on Lucifer — “Lucifer Before The Entrance to Hades” and “Throne of Lucifer” — are both reminiscent of the demons featured in the Goetia or Lesser Key of Solomon. Have you ever heard of this book before? If so, how has this book influenced you? If not, what was your inspiration for creating such an animalistic representation of the archangel?*
Throne of Lucifer
KK: No, I am not familiar with the book. I stumbled on a gharial, which is a slender snouted crocodile that lives at the mouth of the Ganges at a zoo once. When I looked its eyes were closed, when it sensed I was there, it opened its eyes and I felt such an intimidation from a non-human creature. I wanted to capture that intense uneasy feeling, like it was a sinister being, though I did know it wasn’t demonic or possessed. So I thought, why not depict the devil in an artistic way like the gharial; stick some ram horns on, and place it on a Greco-Roman figure and there is the devil if there is one-ha! But maybe there are some similar images in the book that you describe.

*JD: There are some occultists and spiritualists who believe what we create actually exists. They go on to say that perhaps the dark creations of artists are not just simply ideas but representations of a dimension we cannot see. If this statement is true, then your creations feature some of the most hellish ideals imagined. Would you feel some responsibility for bringing this dark world to your viewer? Or do you think that these statements are nothing more than the proverbial “The Sky is Falling”?*
KK: I don’t think it is true, I just believe that human imagination can create a pseudo-world to be enjoyed and marveled by others.

*JD: To those aspiring artists out there, what would you say has been your biggest help in breaking through to the art world? Is it being in the right place at the right time, or did you take a great part in carving out your “Destiny”?*
KK: A little bit of both I’d say.

*JD: If you could say or do one thing to be remembered for in this world, aside from your art, what would it be?*
KK: My art is what I do and say, other than that, maybe the fastest guitar player in the world…maybe I’ll just stick to art-ha!

*JD: Do you have any last words for our readers?*
KK: Find the truth for yourself, be as you are, with peace.

We just want to thank Kris once again for taking the time for this interview. If you are interested in learning more about Kris and seeing his work then we highly encourage you to check out both his “site”: and his “print store”: .

If you are an artist and meet these “qualifications”: then please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

* “Kris Kuksi”:
* “Kris Kuksi Prints”:

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