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Jachin and Boaz: A Coincidence of Pillars

Jachin and Boaz are the pillars in the masonic temple, modeled after King Solomon’s Temple. Boaz meaning in strength and Jachin he establishes or stability; Boaz on the left and Jachin the right. Solomon’s temple faced the East. Boaz faced the North and Jachin faced the South. Boaz was the great-grandfather of King David and Jachin was the high priest who aided in dedication of Solomon’s temple.

The two pillars are at the entrance of every Masonic temple. They also played a role in the order of the Golden Dawn. In the Golden Dawn rights Boaz was black and Jachin was white. The two representing the principles of positive and negative in much the same way as the yin and yang. These pillars could be further expounded upon in that they are not actual pillars but part of the tree of life or the Cabala.

Below is the Golden Dawn Flying Roll IX on Boaz and Jachin.

As confusion is found to exist with regard to the Right and Left Pillars of the Sephiroth on the Tree of Life in relation to the right and left sides of a man, and as to the phases of the Moon—you must note:

That in every diagram and picture, the right hand side of the observer is next to the Pillar of Mercy—Chokmah, Chesed, and Netzach; while the Pillar of Severity is on the observer’s left hand. Yet when you apply the Tree of Life to yourself, your right side, arm, and leg represent the side of Strength and Severity, Binah, Geburah and Hod, and your left side refers to the Pillar of Mercy. So that when you look at a diagram, you are looking, as it were, at a man facing you, that your right side faces his left. His Merciful side forms the right hand Pillar in front of you, so that it is as if you looked at yourself in a mirror.

Just as the man looks at you, so does the Moon look at you and so you say that the Moon in her increase is on the side of Mercy, the right hand pillar of the Sephiroth; and in her decrease, the crescent is on the left hand Pillar of Severity.

A Diagram, then, is a picture of a Man or the Moon facing you. The Temple Pillars are similar:

Black Pillar Severity Left North
bq. White Pillar Mercy Right South
bq. Black Pillar Boaz Stolistes
bq. White Pillar Jachin Dadouchos

That is, the white Mercy or Jachin Pillar is on your right hand as you approach the Altar from the West and from the Hiereus. (See Chronicles II. iii, 17.) “And call the Name on the right hand (of him who enters) Jachin, and the Name of that on the left, Boaz.”

Now Boaz = Strength, Seventy, Binah, Black Pillar, and Jachin= White Pillar of Mercy.

So in making the Qabalistic Cross on your breast it is correct to touch the Forehead and say Ateh—Thou art; the Heart—Malkuth; Right Shoulder, yeGeburah; left shoulder ve-Gedulah, and with the fingers clasped on the breast say, Le, olahm, amen!

Considering the above one would now have enough of an understanding at least of the significance of Jachin and Boaz.

In 1878 a small city in alabama was settled. The city was called Boaz aptly named after the biblical figure in the book of Ruth. However there is a Boaz in many states in the US. What is particularly interesting is that there is also a Jachin, Alabama.

Google Maps Link

As one can see from the map Birmingham, Alabama is smack in the middle of the two. It is an interesting coincidence to say the least. Is there a spiritual nexus somewhere in Alabama? Or is the indication of these two towns evidence that there is a giant Solomonic lodge that spreads across three states? With the ark ending up somewhere in Missouri and Kansas. Chances are it is merely coincidence but, especially when you start adding in more evidence like Jachin is North East and Boaz is South West. It is clearly stated in Kings that Boaz is North and Jachin South. So based upon biblical evidence it leaves these two towns at a coincidence. However if someone in Alabama reading this can attest to truly bizarre spiritual occurrences we may be onto something.


  1. Hannah says

    The two pillars represent the Two Witnesses who stand by the LORD it depicts two family trees….one witness will come from the priesthood and that is Jachin and one from the descendants of Boaz and the two will unify the two houses …. by (joining)at the time of the return of GOD

  2. You have it backwards.
    Boaz, Alabama is in the NorthEast.
    Jachin, Alabama is in the SouthWest.

    If there is a Solomonic lodge between the two, I’d guess it more likely to be located in Montgonery, AL. Whose name means Powerful Man’s Hill coming from the old french “mont” and Germanic “guma” + “ric.”

    I’ve never been to Montgomery though, so I couldn’t say.

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