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Impress them with your mind reading abilities

Allow me preface this by saying that I spent a good deal of time searching the internet in an attempt to find anyone else’s how to on mind reading. Needless to say nothing I found was being given away for free. It is with this premise that I can safely say I will tell you how to read someone’s mind and I will do it for free.

Mind reading has been as mysterious and seemingly amazing ESP technique as haunted houses with photographic evidence. The typical idea of mind reading is of course without contact or touch. However with the right person you can convince them that ESP is indeed real and you can read their mind. The amount of drama and flair you add is up to you.

In an earlier posting I had discussed Pendulum Magic, the only magic guaranteed to work. If you have not read this I highly suggest you do so before continuing. The premise of reading someone’s mind operates on the same principal as pendulum magic. Except instead of reading your subconscious responses you will be reading someone else’s.

Here is how you can read someone’s mind using your not so psychic powers. There are one of two methods we can use for this approach the first is less spectacular than the second. I will describe both but the first is necessary to learn how to read someone’s mind.

Gather several random objects and place them on a table. Place them a fair distance apart from each other. If they are too close it will be difficult to read which object the person thinks of. Find a test subject and seat them across from you at the table. After a bit of small talk kindly ask them to pick an object on the table. Make sure they don’t tell you what they picked. That is your job. It is important that you are casual as possible about this. If you get into an “act” then the mind reading will be completely unimpressive and seem contrived.

When your subject has picked the object in their head ask them to present their left or right hand. Tell them it is very important that they don’t give you any clues. Now using your dominant hand gently hold them by the wrist. Explain to them that you need to hold their wrist so you can create a connection between your minds. Except think of something a bit more clever than I did. It is here where we finally start our mind reading. Ask your subject to guide you with their mind to where the object is. Tell them they need to think only of a direction to guide you to the object. Any other thought will muddle the connection and you won’t be able to find the object they picked.

As they are thinking of the location of the object gently guide their hand around the table. Make it seem like you are seeking the object. What you are actually doing here is getting an idea of what their subconscious movements are telling you. The person will react differently depending upon the direction you need to go. Some people will make it particularly easy for you because their subconscious will actually push or pull you in the direction you need to go. Now after a bit of practice you will be able to read these movements straight to the object every time. After you successfully found the object thank them for their participation.

If you want to really make it seem like you are reading their mind ask them to hide an object somewhere in the room. Leave the room and come back when they tell you. Assure the person you don’t have anyone telling you where they placed the object. Now we once again ask them to present their hand. Ask them to think of where the object is and to direct you to it. It is very important that they only think of directing you to the object. Before you start walking observe their stance. Where are their feet pointing? Are they leaning a particular direction? This can be a good start point for finding the object as often their subconscious is already pointing to it. Start walking, be sure to stay in front of the person or it will seem like they are leading you and we don’t want that. Follow their subconscious muscle movements to the object.

When you find the object your subject will once again be astounded by your amazing powers. Thank them and pat yourself on the back for a job well done. This method of mind reading is actually called muscle reading; because you are reading muscle movements and not thoughts. With enough practice you will be able to even restrict the time it takes to do it and you will be able to do it on the spot.

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