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How to relive your past in the present

There is something incredible about our first experience and first impressions. It seems every one is memorable, but what is it about these first experiences that is so memorable?

As I walked across the street I stopped. I took a deep breath and looked around. I remember the first time I saw this place. In front of me was one of those old gothic brick catholic schools. The stain glass windows have been replaced by plywood and the classrooms have been replaced by condos. I look to my left and see the same oaken store front I saw this for the first time five years ago. Five years ago it seemed this area was rather desolate and dark. Now whether from my own experiences or time itself I live here and I like it. I stand there in the street remembering this and I look up as snow hits my face. It is almost surreal. I breathe in again and close my eyes. I open my eyes and I am able to remember this place as the first time i saw it.

How do you relive those past experiences and feel them again for the first time?

This is a technique I have been working with for some time. At first it required me to be very attentive where ever I went but over time that changed.

Be aware
The first time we go anywhere we tend to be more alert or more aware. It is perhaps this one thing that helps us remember better and perform better than any other time. Our daily tasks are barely remembered but when something new or out of the ordinary occurs we remember it.

Take in as much detail as possible
Pay attention to colors, smells, where objects are placed and the sounds around you. It is our external stimuli that help make us aware. When we make note of the things around us it is easier to recall them.

What do you feel?
Every experience we have comes with a feeling. What is that feeling? Is it awkwardness, calmness, sadness, etc.. Knowing how we feel when something occurs also aids in recall. For every thing that happens in our lives we have a reaction.

Now pick a memory and remember. Start by remembering your past experience in general. Then as you feel more confident with the memory try to recall how you felt. What did you feel when aunt gertrude gave you that sweater? Add smells. When you recall a memory with emotions try adding smells. Finally, when all the sense are combined you have closely relived that memory.

Final Step
The final step to reliving your memories or first experiences goes beyond recall. This is an active process. Look at the area you are in right now and remember the first time you saw it. Now feel it, don’t just remember it, take on the same emotions and relive it. Feel it. Close your eyes and focus only on what you felt. When you open them imagine seeing the place you are in again for the first time.

Over time one may perfect this technique so seemingly every experience is fresh. Even those daily routines can be given new life just by focusing a little attention and awareness. Next time you go some place new focus a little more attention to being aware, and the next time you visit can be the first time again.


  1. Bill says

    This is a great article–very helpful and glad to know there are other kindred spirits out there! I have been doing this for years–going back to places of my fond childhood memories and getting in touch was those feelings, recalling what was said, thus leading to an appreciativeness for the past. I had not thought of including the sense of smell, but that certainly will add to my recollections going forward.

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  3. ARJUN says

    Being able to do this, couAld it mean that we have actually traveRlled to an unseen dimension?
    If so, then thJis could be a method for inter-dimeUnsion communication also, righNt?

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