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How to Pray

Intent, intent is the key. Many people for years, decades, and generations, have said their prayers and seen no results. They become echos, mere words said to the air. The first key to having your prayers answered is intent. Not want or desire, but intent, knowing this is what you want and how to get it.

A prayer for money, wealth, or success will often fall short of any manifestation. This typical prayer may go something like this.

“Please, God most holy of holies, I do most humbly beseech thee. I need money to pay my bills and to get my family through these rough times. I ask that you please help me through these difficult challenges. Thank you God Amen.”

This is wrong. Not because the intent is missing, because the prayer has authenticity and selflessness. It is wrong because you are begging, you are asking, you are lowering yourself to the divine admitting that you are unworthy. The holy spirit can sense your intent and your confidence. You must demand from God what you want.

There is truth in making demands of God. God created you in his image. You are a microcosm of the macrocosm. You deserve more and need to demand what you need. Instead of begging approach the divine as an equal, as part of a whole. You wouldn’t ask your hand to please reach for your food and bring it to your mouth. So instead of the above try.

“I am a divine child of heaven, as your child I ask for my share of wealth. I will get past these tough times because you will guide me to what I need. I will not want I will only have what I seek. Amen.”

The intent and demand help define what God will hear and answer. But, this often is not enough to simply demand as an equal you also need to have a humble heart and be sincere.

Saying a prayer with demand and intent are not enough without sincerity. Remember there are no secrets between you and God. The divine knows you better than you do. God knows what we are all capable of. So when you speak to God with an insincere heart God knows. This is the death of lip service. You must kill the mechanical automatic prayer and use your own words. When you demand prayer from the heart with sincerity and intent, God knows it. This is only achieved by using your own words. No one else’s words will do only your own will be answered.

Knowing that you are one with the divine reflect on how you would perceive someone asking for money every day. Surely giving them money once might solve their problem, but is the lesson learned? As Jesus said “Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.” God wants you to learn life’s lessons so you can grow and become closer to your true divine nature.

When you make your prayer demands do so with intent, sincerity and knowledge. God wants you to be happy, but God also wants you to follow your inner divine voice.

When I was a child, I had the traditional view of many Christians that God was an old man sitting in a throne who ruled in the clouds above. I also would pray to God for most everything. “Help God, I lost my favorite lego piece, will you help me find it?” I would have those prayers answered more often than not. But, as I grew older, my needs and wants changed. I stopped praying to find toys, or to make small scrapes on my knee stop hurting. For a while I stopped praying altogether.

Until, I was a little older and my friend got cancer. She was always sick, and I didn’t really understand why. I would pray to God every night with tears in my eyes. “Please, God help Sarah heal, she is too young to be sick.” I would then recite the same prayers in church. But, nothing happened, she got worse, and I lost. That was the first time anyone had died in my life.

I lost faith in God and Christ for a very long time and I thought how could there be a God if he let a child die. Someone who does not understand what is even going on. Were my prayers not heard because they were hollow and repetitive, and insincere? No. My prayers were not answered for many reasons. Perhaps it was karma, or a selfless lesson her family and friends needed. What ever the reason it has only strengthened my relationship with the divine.

It is only when we pray with intent, demand, sincerity and knowledge that our prayers will begin to be heard. Do this in all your prayers and your relationship with the divine and your basic needs will be closer to being fulfilled.

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