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How to make a better you

It was once the case that a person’s personality is more less defined by the people they spend time with and the things they read. Now, it can be said someone’s personality is defined by the people you spend time with, the shows you watch, and the things you read. How do you know what is a positive influence and what is negative? What if you see an aspect in one of your friends and family that you do not wish to embody?

In the quest to becoming a better you and improved redefined self one must take all measures into account. Including how others perceive you and how you perceive others. Can it be aligned as good, bad or neutral? Should you change or is everything ok.

*How does the media influence us?*
Do you watch a lot of television, movies, or play many video games? What is the message of the media that you invest your time in? Do you agree with it as a person? Do you admire a particular character in these scenarios? Pick one show, movie, or game you place a lot of your time and faith in? What do you like about it? What do you dislike about it? Can you see yourself in these scenarios? Is there something in your own life you feel you are lacking that these encompass?

*Know your friends*
Friends are the people that many of us spend more time with than any other, including family. Name three of your friends. What do you like about them? What do you dislike about them? Do you have one friend that is optimistic or maybe one that is pessimistic? Chances are if you spend any significant amount of time with them you will slowly start to embody them. This includes the bad as well as the good.

It goes back to the scenario when you remove one bad egg from the group. Is the egg really bad or does it risk being infected by the actual spoiled eggs? The same holds true with people. As individuals we are intelligent as a group we are dumb and easily manipulated. If you have ever been in a relationship for an extended time and find it suddenly ending you may find yourself lost.

Why do you feel this way? Is it because you revolved your life around that person? Is it because in the loss you lose any future hopes and dreams you had with them. You also lose a sense of definition. Perhaps you were more confident when they were around. Whatever the scenario is you need to center yourself and find out who you are. Every year we change and grow, put us in an old context and we revert to what we were not what we are.

How do you want to define yourself?
Write down a list of ten things you wish you were or you had. Preface it as follows.

* I am wise
* I am physically strong
* I am confident

continue this list until you find you have found the personality or person you want to be.

Finish the page with.

I _your name here_ will devote all my time, power and resources, to be wise, strong, confident, wealthy, etc. After you do that fold the piece of paper up and put it away where no one can find it. Every morning pick one thing on your list and look and the mirror and say. I will be a more confident person today, or I will have great luck today. It may seem foolish at first but if you can do it for a year,, you will find you are indeed a new person. Despite what we have all been taught you are the most important person in your life. One cannot hope to help others if they themselves are not whole. You can’t fix a broken boat with broken tools.

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