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How to find something lost with your dreams

I had been spending days trying to figure out what I had done with my ring. I could not recall when I last wore it or even if I may had sold it. In fact the last time I remember even seeing it was over 10 years ago! I had given up my search. However, on the second day after I had given up my search and all thought of finding the ring was gone. I had a dream come to me.

In the dream I was in my old house. I was getting ready to move out. At the time I did not know it was a dream. As I was packing my things, I carefully took the ring off my hand wrapped it up in a cloth and hid it in a chest. As soon as I placed it in the small compartment in the chest, I awoke. That’s it, I hid the ring years ago and had completely forgotten about it. Instantly I got up and ran to the old chest I had placed it in. I searched the little crevice where I had hidden it. There it was, I had finally found the ring after 10 long years.

While this first instance of using my dreams to find a lost item was not intentional. I have since tried it using certain mnemonic techniques and have had great success.

Seek Earnestly
In every instance in which I have tried to prime my subconscious to find a lost item, I could only find it when I truly desired it. In order to even hope to dream of a lost item’s location one must truly and earnestly want to find it.

Try to remember
Do everything you can to remember where and when you last saw your lost object. Only when you cannot think of anything else and are near the point of giving up will you have success.

Remember your dreams
The night before you try to recall the location of the lost object you must practice recalling your dreams. If you have trouble even remembering your dreams then you can refer to these easy tips

Tell yourself you will remember
As soon as you are in bed and you are ready to go to sleep; tell yourself you will remember where you put X. This is a very important key in preparing your subconscious to recall where you last saw the object.

I can’t promise this technique will work every time; the first time it does work, will be absolutely incredible. Usually, when you lose something the first play you go isn’t your dreams. However, since my first experience I have been using my dreams quite often to find what I have lost. I have even adjusted this technique to remember past events in general. If you still cannot find your lost object after this, you may need to try hypnotism, a metal detector, or improving your memory


  1. Do me a favor and learn a way to find other peoples things in your dreams. I lost my silver smithing stuff when I moved from my old house to the new one and I have looked everywhere I can think of.

    I’ll try this dream approach too. Thanks 🙂

  2. heather says

    if you happend to have been under the influence when your item was lost does this work anyway?

  3. Nancy raimer says

    I had a small inheritance from my mom. I took the cash home with me and hid, so it would be safe. It has been about 5 weeks and I look every day to no avail. I need this money desperately. I have to find it. It is disrupting my life as I roam mentally thru my house everyday. I’m going to try the dream idea as I am a vivid dreamer with excellent recall. I just have to find this for not just financial reasons but for peace of mind

    • Hi Nancy I am happy to help you locate your lost money. If I can provide any other advice please let me know or email jackdirt at excommunicate dot net

  4. michaela says

    Hello, I’m trying to relocate my late nan’s pearl necklace. I have hunted high and low and no luck at all. Please help me find them, I have dreamt about where they are but when I’ve looked I’ve not had any luck at all. Please help me. Many thanks. 22 year old in distress 🙁

    • Hi,I am going out my mind have lost a box of cd roms of my sons entire life,Christmases,school shows,birthdays absolutely everything,strange thing is it’s too big to throw out by accident,my friend remembers seeing it around last xmas and the only thing I’ve done since then was clear out toys and games my son had grown out of and put them in my shed,have pulled my entire shed out,twice,everything else is there,but the discs,any ideas would be appreciated,can’t think about anything else

  5. jaseminINDIA says

    I losted my mother’s most expensive and most beautiful lipstic as I took it to my school. I lost that there and was unable to find………i couldn’t even ask any teacher or schoolmate or tell my mother about it cos I would be scolded about that……hope I could find that……………………………………….

  6. Melissa says

    My husband lost his very sentimental and expensive gold chain in the passed year. I am normally able to find everything…even my husband’s lost items. I’ve turned my entire house upside down for the last 5 months with zero luck. Last night I had a dream that I’d found it. That’s really the only detail I can remember from the dream. One of our mothers may have been in the same dream. I’m not entirely sure. My husband’s last memory of it was in a green reusable grocery bag. We had been staying at a friend’s lake house every other weekend or so. As he doesn’t carry a purse and he didn’t want to wear it in the lake, he took it off and placed it in this bag. He is adamant that he brought it home. I have even had the friends tear their stuff up as well, with no luck at all. Neither of us have been able to find it. I am really curious in trying to use this dream as a way to locate his very special chain. It was the first real birthday present I had bought him 17 years ago. It is irreplaceable, both sentimentally and financially. Please help me try to hone my dream and memory skills! Thanks!

    • You can hone your dream skills by keeping a daily dream journal. Every night when you wake up make sure the first thing you do is write your dreams down. It helps if you wake up earlier than you expect to that way they stay fresh in your mind. Once you start to get good at that you could try lucid dreaming https://www.excommunicate.com/key-to-lucid-dreaming It sounds like your husband would have a better chance at findining it since the clues are in his subconscious but stranger things have happened.

  7. jarod says

    I lost my keys and couldn’t find it for a few months. I had actually given up, and have absolutely no intention of finding it anymore. Then one day, while taking a nap i dreamt of the location of my keys. I jerked awake and ran straight to the pile of newspaper in my room and found them inside the pile. Not sure how it works though.

  8. I hid a tiny jewelry bag somewhere in my house as I was leaving for a trip. It had very sentimental items in it. Several years have gone by and no luck. I hid it in one spot but then changed my mind and moved it! I can only remember the initial hiding spot. I am surprised that I can’t remember where I put it because my memory is usually great. Any suggestions?

  9. Jessica Cowling says

    About four months ago,I lost my fitbit Charge Hr.I did not notice it was missing until a couple of weeks later.Not really upset,I just assumed it would eventually turn up again.Only three weeks ago did I really start to worry.We moved,and ever since we’d moved,I couldn’t recall seeing it.I emptied the moving boxes and bags,searched through my backpack and my purse,and almost everywhere else.Not long ago it occured to me that not long before we’d moved,I had gone to visit my grandparents.Since I am visiting them this week,I just hoped it was there.

    Then,the night before last night,I had a dream were I was just going about my way and I discovered my fitbit by accident.I could have sworn it was at my grandparents’ house in my dream.Unfortunately,when I woke up I didn’t think the dream was important until earlier today I realized that what I had found in my dream was my lost fitbit.But I can never remember my dreams very well,I have no idea exactly were I found the fitbit in my dream.

  10. Cuevas,Reshei Lynne D. says

    I lost my notebook and I’m completely Hopeless in finding,Last Time I remembered was I placed it inside my bag and I checked everywhere for the 5th time,Do you have any tips on what I could possibly do?

  11. I lost my purse last year. I was running all over with the kids the day it happened and I could have lost it anywhere, the mall, several other stores. I called all places we were in and nothing. Two days went by and I had a dream that night. A big McDonald arch popped up in my dream. I woke up an hour later and told my husband it was at McDs. We grabbed a real fast bite the morning of and I left it there. I just lost my cell several days ago on our 40 acres of raw land. We had a bunch of people there and the last place I recalled leaving it was our UTV when one of our friends took it to ride for awhile. We packed up left and I remembered I left it in there. We took 2 cars and when we got home I asked my husband if he grabbed it and he said no. We looked all over for 2 days. It could have been on any one of the trails. Nothing.. I was ready to abandon and disconnect the phone but that night I had a dream that was like a video game and it took me right to the location. I told my husband about my dream and that it kept kept playing over and over in my head so I was going to give it one more chance for grins. I started walking the path in the exact location. My husband behind me. I went off the path a bit and my feeling was that it was getting weaker and a strong vibration went through my feet as I turned around and headed back just as my husband said, guess what as he was looking down….”I’ll let you pick that up” lol.

  12. Natasha says

    I’ve lost my school calculator, it’s very important as my exams are coming nearer, I searched in my school, house, even Tution. Asked everyone, no luck. I had lost hope a bit but yesterday I dreamt I found it but I can’t remember the dream AT ALL. I just read this article, can this work a second time?

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