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How to feel your aura and make spiritual armor

There are two basic ideas behind an aura, one is that it is an ethereal energy that surrounds your being. The other is that the aura isn’t anything mystical but it is the body’s own electro-magnetic field. Which is true if either I will let you determine. This exercise is something I used to do long ago as a child. It is an easy and simple trick and numerous other things can be developed from it.

Feel your aura
Start by holding your hands together, as if praying. Now slowly move them apart until there is a centimeter of space between them. At this point you should start to feel some stress between them; like magnets pulling. If you do not feel anything yet move your hands further apart then bring them closer. Keep doing this until you feel an invisible push and pull between your hands.

Energy Ball
Pay close attention to the energy between them. If you did this correctly you will notice the magnetic tension. Once you are able to identify the energy between your hands set them at your side. Remember, what the energy between your hands felt like? Recall that same energy and try to focus it as a ball in your hands. It may help you to move your hands back and forth like making a snowball. Just focus on drawing that magnetic energy into your hands as a ball. Make the ball larger and larger until you feel it is almost basketball size. If you stop focusing the ball will dissipate. There is really nothing functional you can do with this energy.

Aura Shield
You may want to take a break between the activities, to give your senses a chance to recuperate. At this point you should at the very least be able to feel your own aura. Recalling that energy once again, focus it around your hands like a pair of gloves. If you place your hands near each other the repel effect will be much stronger. Now take those gloves and feel or imagine that energy completely surrounding your body. Feel the energy all around you. Imagine it as a hard impenetrable armor. Focus on increasing the intensity of his energy. Pour yourself into it imagine the armor as a brilliant blinding white light surrounding you.

Congratulations, you can now successfully feel your own aura and raise a protective shield when necessary. Now whether or not what I told you is all creative visualizing or the genuine article, I will again leave up to you.


  1. lucky 5 says

    Thx for the help! So far I can just feel an my aura, but I’ll try to do even better

  2. Mata says

    I did something similar a few years back, and in the moment I did raise the shield i felt something else being repulsed away from me and a loud bone chilling yell on my ear! To this day i don’t know what that was…

    • We are often met with challenges along the path and those can take on any form. Wrathful spirits, ourselves, and it is only when we start to break free we meet resistance. It is my guess that this yell was exactly that, something to catch you off guard. This vocal emanation is something I have encountered in my past and it is only when I realized I had power over what opposed me that I was left alone.

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